Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas Wish Chapter: Santa Hermo is coming to town!

You better watch out, you better not cry.
Better not pout, I’m telling you why:
Santa Hermo is coming to town!

Tell you a secret that Santa Hermo is going to grants the wishes of lucky bloggers who had been create their Christmas Wish List on blog from 17th – 24th December 2013 so if you want to get surprise from Santa Hermo, do submit your wish list before 14th December 2013.

For more information, do check out the blog of Butterfly Project's Mamasan, Tammy.

Before create my Christmas Wish List, let me tell you more about Santa Hermo. Santa Hermo owns an online beauty website which is Hermo.my. Hermo.my is a beauty collection, a beauty place to make you even more gorgeous. 

Dear Santa Hermo,

Hello! I am J-Mei, the blog owner of “Interesting Corner of Me”. I am so happy to know that the Butterfly Project is collaborating with you to grant the wishes of lucky butterflies come true. Telling you that, Hermo.my is one of my favorite shopping sites as it always comes with many beauty products with many great deals! It really makes me save a lot of money.

This Christmas, I wish for Secret Key STN-AKE Anti-Wrinkle Whitening Emulsion as I want to give it to my mum to thanks for her love and care to me from times to times. After spending some times in browsing beauty products, I plan to choose the Anti-Wrinkle Whitening Emulsion for my mum because she had been take care my family and I for long times until neglect to take care for her skin that make wrinkle start appear on her skin so anti-wrinkle products is very suitable for her.

I choose Secret Key STN-AKE Anti-Wrinkle Whitening Emulsion to my mum as it is a double functional skin care in whitening and wrinkle care. In summary, this emulsion has the effect of whitening, improve wrinkle, skin calming, strengthening skin elasticity and prevent aging by winkle improvement. Hope that my mum will stay pretty with this emulsion.

At last, I would like to wish you Merry Christmaand then happy days over and over again!


Before ending this post, let me share with you some great Hermo Christmas promotions that had been going on Hermo.my. during this December.

During this Christmas, Hermo.my has special Christmas theme box with any purcahse so hurry up as limited quantity available.

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