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Labuan >> Kuala Lumpur >> Labuan: Flight with Air Asia

Labuan >> Kuala Lumpur

3 November 2013 (Sunday): 1035- 1300: AK 5177

Around 10.00 a.m., my mum had sent me to Airport to meet up with my cousins. My mum was sent me to arrival hall and let me go by self. That time, I also blur until my cousin called me and said that she was waiting me at departure hall then I realize that my mum had sent me to the wrong hall and I need to go up to departure hall by take escalator.

Main source: Google Image & edited by me
In flight, I had found out that the uniform for Air Asia Team was on casual wear. I thought that maybe today is Deepavali holiday so they can wear collar T-shirt with jeans. We sat with an Indian lady while her husband also sat same row with she but separate by walking lane.  

When arrived at airport, we had gone to toilet. The toilet was full of people and everyone queue up with the first come first in base that made me think of OneFm (Local radio station) as it always promote queue up with first come first in base. 

At my place, usually people queue up in front of toilet door so you can see that in front of all toilet doors had been queue up by someone and for who is queue up at right toilet door then she can go in the toilet very fast when the person come out while for who is less lucky that if the person in toilet has stomach ache that took long times to come out and she need to wait for more longer time.

After came out from toilet, we went to get the map at Information Counter near with LCCT Emporium. After that, my cousin’s friends fetch us to eat lunch. While lunch, my cousin’s friends had advised us to be careful in KL as both of us are girls and KL is a quite dangerous place as many cases of snatch happen. The advice that they give to us is don’t talk on phone while walking besides road as it will be a target for motorcyclist to snatch us and all your important things should put inside pocket instead of in bag.

Pic source: Semerbak
After lunch, my cousin’s friends had sent us to Mangga Hotel. During our way to Mangga Hotel, I had found out that in KL had many Petron Petrol Stations as at my place there only has 1 Esso Petrol Station while Shell Petrol Station seem not popular in KL but at my place is one of the popular petrol station. Flat also can be seen at everywhere in KL.

Kuala Lumpur >> Labuan

6 November 2013 (Wednesday): 1530-1755: AK 5172

We went to airport by taxi. As my cousin had brought too many things so she planned to buy the “checked baggage”. In airport, we tried to buy “checked baggage” through online but cannot so we asked for the staff to help. 

Air Asia 
After asking for the Information Counter, we had found the Air Asia counter. At there, my cousin asked for the “checked baggage” and the Air Asia staff had taught my cousin to use the machine to purchase “checked baggage”.

Information counter
Unfortunately, we were late so we needed to purchase “checked baggage” at more expensive price. We end up by brought RM 75.00 “checked baggage” that up to 15kg. If we buy “checked baggage” 4 hours before check in through online, we still can get RM 25 for “checked baggage” up to 15kg.

Check in luggage 

After done with check in the luggage, we went for lunch at Old Town White Coffee. After lunch, we went to waiting hall and wait for our flight. When at waiting hall, I had brought a newspaper for me to read while waiting the flight.

Waiting hall


When in flight, I had saw a picture of Lost World Tambun in Ipoh and hope that in future has chance to go to there to play and stay as it looks fun. I also had a short nap in flight as quite tired for the trips. 


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