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Promenade Hotel: Wedding Dinner of Andy & Brenda

8th August 2013 (Thursday)

My cousin’s wedding dinner was organized at Promenade Hotel. Before 8 o’clock, we had walked from Promenade Service Apartment to Promenade Hotel.

Before entered the wedding hall, I had saw a beautiful places with well decorations (picture as below). As my family and relatives were prepared to go in the hall so I did not come close to it to have a clear view.

Photo booth
After finished wedding, I had noticed that it is photo booth that has many DIY props that can use when take photo. I had missed it because I did not think of my cousin’s wedding will have it as before this I normally see that wedding from West Malaysia will has it :(  

The stage
Wedding cake
Entered into wedding hall, we went to find our table according to the number for a sit. My family sat at same table with my Beaufort uncle & his family and my Kota Kinabalu uncle. The wedding door gift was two love shaped chocolates.

2 love shaped chocolate
On 8 p.m., the wedding started with my cousin and her husband went in the hall with music. After that, cutting cake ceremony and continued with some entertainment such as singing.

When wedding dinner started, I was planned to take some food photos but quite shy to make my relatives to wait for me to take the photo of food before eating it so I decide not to take the food photos.

After finished eat “Special Five Happiness Hors D’oeuvre” which is a dim sum dish and followed by soup, my mum suddenly asked me to take photo of the food as memory. As my mum asked for it so I had taken a photo of the soup but the times I took the photo, the soup had been served for first times and has some leave in the bowl. To avoid everyone for waiting me to take food photo, when I saw the waiter on the way served for my table, I already stand by with my camera. haha..

Five Treasures Shark's Fin Soup with Dried Scallops
The quantity for the soup was so many that enough for served 2nd times for everyone. Normally, the soup that I had met during dinner was not enough to everyone to serve for 2nd times.

Deep Fried Boneless Chicken Stuffed with Minced Seafood
When I eat for this boneless chicken, the texture was like fishcake. The sauce is sour which is appetizer.   

Japanese Style Fried Rice
Steamed Grouper Fish with Crispy Bean
For me, the sauce for this fish has a little bit salty.

Deep Fried Nestum Prawns with Mayonnaise
This prawn is crispy and delicious but has a little bit salty for me. This prawn is nice when mix with mayonnaise.

Braised Giant Mushroom with Broccoli 
When typing the menu according to the food, I just found out that the name of the menu for each food was quite long. I think the purpose is to state more clearly about the food.

Chilled Sea Coconut with Lemon
I like this drinks very much as it is cool that make me have a chill feeling.

Deep Fried Sesame Balls
After cool drinks, now is the turn of hot desserts which is deep fried sesame balls. This dessert is nice when served with hot. The ingredient inside these balls is red bean. As all of us were getting full so we take away this dessert.

Every wedding has its own wedding theme song so I ending this post with the wedding song title “Marry Me” by Jam Hsiao which had been played at my cousin’s wedding.

Promenade Hotel
No.4, Lorong Api-Api 3, Api-Api Centre,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: (60) (88) 265 555
Fax: (60) (88) 246 666

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