Monday, 23 December 2013

2013-11 Favorite Postcards Received (Part 2)

This is a postcard that I won from AB Carrot for celebration FB page has 1000 fans.

The AB Carrot story begins with 2 funny alien visitors who met with Stars Carrots’ and Star Green Peppers’ event, encounter with many novelty Revolution and funny stories – AB Carrot

If you can read Chinese, you can click the image for enlarge view as this postcard make a similar Chinese sounds/Pinyin of a week with activity that can do. The postcard is my winning prize from 狗狗的小跳步,绘蹦硑!that attached with the stickers that same as picture of postcard that make me did not want to stick it at anywhere as it is too cute.

As Rubber Duck is so popular in Taiwan so I had received an illustration postcard that draws by Bread Hung. So many Rubber Duck in postcard and hope that in future I can take a photo with Rubber Duck.

This postcard sent by Vivi Lee from Taiwan. I like her drawing of a pair of lovely rabbits with a quote of “Life is a flower of which love is the honey”. 

Do you ever seen flower fairy? This postcard has an illustration of flower fairy who name Mulberry Fairy. This is an exchange postcard with E想世界-Sweet Life.

This postcard sent by Marilyn from Australia. She said that she likes this postcard as it is so full of life. I also like this postcard as it liven up with people getting around.

This postcard sent by Karen from Taiwan. I like the word of postcard and would like to share with you.

For Love – Art Your Time
For love, we meet until from strangers. For love, we from the students into a friend.
For love, we become without words don’t talk. For love, we don’t respectively.
For love, for our dreams, our efforts.

I am getting surprise from my friend, Evon as she had sent a Kuching postcard for me during her trips to Kuching. This postcard shows a view from Kuching Riverfront. 

This postcard has a nice quote that sound as “If you hold the past too tight, how could you hug the future? from Up on Poppy Hill.” This teaches me that sometimes I need to let the past go so that I can meet with future. Don’t always think of the past especially sad things.

This postcard shows a picture of Michigan Wildlife such as Black Bear, Whitetail Deer, Moose, Bald Eagle (National Bird) and Loon that sent by Jeffrey from USA. This postcard sent in envelope as beside a postcard, Jeffrey had attached with a page of letter about self-introduction and the travel places in Michigan. 

Front & Back

Front & Back
As Rubber Duck now at Taiwan so Dragon812715 (blogger & illustrator) had drawn some postcards that relate with this Rubber Duck. I like the front and back design of the postcards which looks super cute and creative. 

Dragon812715 was so kind that offers free postcards for this Rubber Duck by sent him a return envelope with stamp as I did not have Taiwan stamp so I inquiry him the ways I can get the postcards and he said that he can direct sent me the postcards but he want a beautiful Malaysia stamp as exchange. I accepted his exchange by sent him a postcard with nice stamp.


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