Friday, 20 December 2013

Shopping Experience with MrLens

For Blogging 101 Chapter 4, The Butterfly Project had collaboration with MrLens to require selected Butterflies to make a review on MrLens.

Company Background of MrLens (About us)
MrLens was setup in 2002 and is a dynamic company dedicated to providing you the highest quality service and the same brand name contact lenses that your doctor or eye specialist recommends from around the world. Today, we are proud to be the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe, going global and we are now available in Asia too.

After know more about MrLens, here I start my review on MrLens by using 8P analysis which think by myself.

MrLens is works as online platform with the website of The headquarters of MrLens is at Switzerland while the registers address in Malaysia as below:
3068 Jln Todak
13700 Seberang Jaya
Pulau Pinang

As MrLens is works as online platform so it is very easy for me to purchase contact lens or eye related products at any time 24/7 and I also can discuss with my friends and family about the eye related products that I wish to buy by copy the link of products to them and ask for their opinion.

MrLens has offer many ranges of product for lens & solution and glasses which include sun glasses too. For your information that MrLens now is working on widen its products range by add on Cosmetic and Perfume so stay tune with MrLens.

MrLens really provide many selections of eye related products that suitable for women and men so now we can fashion ourselves with glasses and contact lens. Besides that, I love the color contact lens that provided at MrLens as it really has many designs and color that made me hard to make a choice.

As MrLens works as online platform so it did not need to pay for shop rental so the price of eye related products are reasonable and affordable with its quality.

From times to times, MrLens has offer many promotion for the products such as discount and freebies such as buy 2 boxes of contact lens will get 1 box for free.

Process of Order
First, you need to register at MrLens in order to proceed with order. After that, you can start order your eye related products by choose the item that you like and select it by click “Add to Cart” with its quantity. After you feel satisfy with your own order, its times for you to proceed with payment by click “Checkout” at top right hand side of website. After that, you need to select shipping method and payment method to pay for it. After success payment, just wait at home for your parcel to arrive.

At first, I quite enjoy in selecting the contact lens that I like at MrLens but after “Checkout”, I had met with problem which is it did not show anything in my “Shipping Method” part so I cannot proceed with “Payment Information”. I tried it for few times and the problem still did not solve so I sent an email for Ayna (SWAT Team of The Butterfly Project) to ask for help and she help me to forward my problem to MrLens.
Meeting problem in "Shipping Method"
After few days, Ayna asked me to try for a new redeem code from MrLens that for East Malaysia shipping as I live in East Malaysia. After that, I tried for the new code and found out that the problem still exist so again I asked Ayna for help. Ayna require for my account information and try by herself to help me to proceed my order and surprise to say that, she success to proceed for my order for delivery. After I knew that, I feel curious and ask her about how she success to proceed for my order and she told me that she keep refresh for few times and its work.

The picture of "Shipping Information" that should be show up
At here, I hope that MrLens can do some technical check for its website especially at part of “Delivery Information” so that my problem will not arise at any customer in future that maybe will spoil out his/her shopping mood.

MrLens do provide many secure payment methods for customer convenience such as credit card and online banking. Usually, many website only provide online banking selection for Maybank and CIMB due to its popularity while MrLens had provide many others online banking such as RHB, AmBank, Hong Leong and others. For those in Klang Valley can choose for Cash on Delivery option.

Period of Delivery
The delivery time frame that estimated as below:
West Malaysia: 1-2 days
East Malaysia: 3-4 days

Ship to East Malaysia (My order)
Date of Order: 27 Nov 2013
Date of Processing: 28 Nov 2013
Date of Shipping: 29 Nov 2013
Date of Receiving Parcel: 3 Dec 2013

In overall, I satisfy with the delivery services by MrLens that I had receiving my contact lens within 3-4 days. Besides that, MrLens do inform me with the order status from ordered to shipping (with tracking number) via email. It is very good as I keep updated with my order status that did not need to login to account to know it.

Protection of Parcel
I had order contact lens for Colourvue 3 Tones with Violet color and Colourvue Big Eyes with Dolly Black color. Inside of parcel that arrived had a plastic bag that includes my 2 boxes of contact lens with brochure and invoice.

 I can said that all my contact lens are in good condition and new as at two sides of box has a sticker/tape to seal it. I also can see MrLens own sticker with general information on contact lens box for our convenience to report any problem for the products.

MrLens is a good shopping site for eye related products because of its strength or good on place, product, price, promotion, payment, delivery and protection of parcel. The things that need to keep improving is process of order on website. Hope that by my next purchases, I will enjoy the whole process of order at MrLens.

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