Saturday, 14 December 2013

2013-11 Favorite Postcards Received (Part 1)

In November, I had received a surprise mails from postman because he had sent the postcards to me on Sunday. For your information that Sunday is rest day for postman so it is very rare to see postman working during Sunday. I need to say a very big “Thank you” for him that brighten up my Sunday.

Recently, I had been head from my mum (mum also heard from neighbor) that In October, postman had encounter with transport problem that had been delay in deliver the mail so I think that in order to clear out all the mail, postman need to work out on Sunday too.

This postcard sent from Italy. It has a title of “Cowgirl in the City” and the shoe looks colorful and smart. 

This postcard sent from Hong Kong by Dennis. This postcard shows a picture of Wu Yuang, China which looks peace and the people live at there seem enjoying a simple life like washing clothes besides river.

This postcard sent by Aloisia. She knew that Malaysia never snow so she hope that I had fun with a winter view from her home village in Austrian mountains. This postcard really has a great winter view with snow anywhere. 

This postcard sent by Tinilu from Austria, Europe. The postcard shows a picture of vegetable in jar. In overall view, all of the vegetable in jars look colorful. 

This is a meaningful postcard as at the back of postcard has signatures of all the Postcrossers that joining for meeting on 12th October 2013. It seems like a fun meeting as postcard collectors gather together to talk about postcard.

This postcard has two meaningful quotes in Chinese that I would like to share and I will translate it to English. Hope you can understand my translation.


It is very difficult to change the world but it is easier to change own self. When made a self-change, in the eyes of world will follow naturally changed. 

Back:我们渺小又成长的太慢,总希望做到自己实力不够的事,羡慕这别人完成的梦想。其实好好享受现在,一步一步走好当下才重要。有天回头会发现: 原来我做过这些事,当初好努力好单纯阿,而不是后悔。

We are small yet growth slowly, always hopes to do the things that we did not has enough strength for it and envy the dream that had been completed by others. In fact, the most important is we just need to enjoy the moment and take it step by step. At some day, we will discover that the things that we done before was so simple and good but without any regret.

This postcard also has a meaningful Chinese Quote and I will translate it too.


Perhaps we may have a painful past but luckily we still have a snow-white future.

This postcard sent from Taiwan by Ling. I love this postcard not only with the beautiful pictures of Kaohsiung City but with the handmade felt of Ling. Did you notice that Ling had made a word of “Taiwan” with green felt and for the word of “I”, she represent it with Taipei 101. I like her creativity very much although it looks simple.

This is a DIY postcard as I can make a Beagle by cut out the postcard in pieces but I did not do it as I reluctant to cut it as at the back of postcard has some words with nice stamps.

This is an advertisement postcard of “热天酣眠” a Taiwanese theater. When searching for the Chinese word of ’’, I type the pinyin for it is ‘gan’ and cannot find it so I check from dictionary and the correct pinyin is ‘han’. This postcard looks attractive and nice with the actor and actress. I never been see any theater before and hope that in future has chance to see it.


  1. I like the shoes very much but they are on postcard right? They gonna be cool if in real. Great for photoshoot actually. haha:P

    1. Wiida Ribbon,
      Yay, I also think that this shoes are so cool to wear of it but it is just a picture from postcard. Perhaps, can find this shoes in Italy..hehe

  2. Your postcards are so nice! Thanks for your lovely comment! YOu got a new follower! Hope you can follow me back as well! :D

    1. Jingwen ,
      Thanks and followed your blog too :)

  3. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  4. I love number six and seven: they are so lovely!!!!
    i follow you on GFC hope you would follow back

    1. Elisa Cesarini,
      Thanks and followed you too :)

  5. Long time didn't reply by using English, thanks to you!
    You have such a nice postcards collection, and nice friends too!
    I guess you like to collect postcard, right? Will remember you if I want give postcards as present ^^

    1. baoqiong,
      Yes, I am super like to collect postcard. hehe..
      Those postcards that I collect are from exchange postcard website :)


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