Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bloop Nail Polish with Sakura Feel

Although Christmas coming soon but the color of this Bloop Nail Polish gives me a feel of spring with Sakura flower. Why I said so, continue read this post to know more!

Image source: Japandish.com
9th December 2013

I had received a parcel from HiShop for reviewing nail products of Bloop. Bloop is not a strange brand for me as before this I had tried for Bloop Marine Cleansing Gel and Bloop LV Lip Gloss but for nail products, it was my first times to try for it. Inside of parcel has nail wraps for finger and toe with a nail polish.

First, I choose for nail polish to try first as I am so familiar with nail polish and before this had been tried for some different brand’s nail polish.  My Bloop nail polish has 13.5ml with pink glossy color.

When applying this nail polish, I found out that it has a little bit hard as it has sticky texture when apply on my nail. After done for applying and drying, I feel in love with its pink glossy color as it makes me think of Sakura flower and spring. After apply for a week, my nail color still looks nice.

Where to buy it?
HiShop has offers a few range of Bloop nail polish for you to choose.

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BLOOPNAILS (valid until 31st Jan 2014)


  1. The pink nail polish is cute! :D

  2. 你好!

    祝福你 ~

  3. Oh! wow very pretty color ......
    I love it....

  4. wow, my super favourite pink!! nice taste yah~~

    1. 小资女,
      My favorite too, pink nail polish :)

  5. your pink shade is so pretty and stood out like a traffic light. haha ( :

    1. AnnTan,
      I think I need to apply green and yellow shade too so that it will more like traffic light..haha


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