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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Mangga Hotel

During our trip to Kuala Lumpur (KL), the reason we stayed at Mangga Hotel was because of my cousin’s friends are staying around Serdang area so it is very convenience for us to find them if we have met with any problem.

First saw the name of the hotel, I tried to see whether this hotel has anything that relates to mango as in Malay language, mangga means mango.  After staying for 1 night, I still did not see has anything in hotel that can relate with mango, perhaps the owner like to eat mango. Haha..

Mangga Hotel
This Mangga Hotel has own travel agency so if you want to go around can check with its travel agency. If you wish to rent a van for a day (8 hours), the price is RM 400 so my cousin and I did not rent it as it is very costly for only both of us to rent a big van. 

Room rate
My cousin had book the hotel room for superior twin about RM 89 per day which include government and service tax. We just stayed there for 1 day as there is not convenience for us to shop around and every time we go out need to take a taxi that make us spend a lot in transport.

On the way to lift, we can saw that this hotel has a small convenience store that sells some food, drinks and necessary things. The lift only can take maximum of 4 people. 

convenience store
When arrive at our room, after opened the door, we can saw had 2 twin beds, cupboard, TV and table. Our room did not have any windows and for those who love to have a window’s room need to pay extra RM 10 for it.

As my cousin was in rush to go for Chinatown to shop so all the pictures in room that took by me after came back from Chinatown so the room in pictures looks a little bit messy.

TV & small table
This hotel has provide free WiFi and the password for the WiFi is write on a piece of paper that place on the table that near with bed. I had tried for its WiFi and the speed for WiFi was good.

WiFi password is here!
Security box
Sliding door for toilet
The toilet is using sliding door and did not has any lock for it so just close it. Inside toilet also did not have any shampoo or body wash so remember to bring it yourself. Overall, the toilet is clean.

After put our things in hotel, it’s time for us to go Chinatown for a visit. As Chinatown is quite far from here so we planned to take a taxi to go there. The receptionist had provided us with phone number of taxi but the taxi driver was busy so we took taxi by ourselves at road which opposite of hotel.

Before taking taxi at opposite road, my cousin had made a call to taxi driver and through the conversation of my cousin and explanation of receptionist, I knew that Chinatown is located at Jalan Petaling and Jalan Petaling is not the same with Petaling Jaya so to avoid taxi driver to be more confuses, just talk to him that we want to go Chinatown than Jalan Petaling. Jalan Petaling in KL while Petaling Jaya in Selangor.

In morning, we had check out from the hotel and wait for my cousin’s friends to took us to The 5 Elements Hotel which located in Chinatown as it is very easy for us to move around in KL by taking monorail compare stay in Mangga Hotel, Serdang which far away and inconvenience if did not has car.

Reading corner
During the waiting times for my cousin’s friends came, I had saw staff of hotel busy cleaning the hotel lobby. I also managed to read the magazine at lobby and most of the magazine were out dated but it’s ok for me as long as I did not read it before.

Mangga Hotel
NO. 23, Block B,
Jalan Utama SR 1/9,
Serdang Jaya, Sek 9,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +063-8945 2000

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