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Friday, 14 February 2014

Christmas 2013: Christmas postcard from Santa Claus Greenland

3rd January 2014

This is a big postcard that I received from Santa Claus Greenland. Although the Christmas had been passed, I still very happy when receive it.

At the front of postcard has a group picture of Santa Claus with happy face. 

Through the stamp, I knew that this postcard sent from Santa Claus Greenland. 

I think that Santa Claus was super busy as he had been wrong written for my name. It’s ok as long as I had received the return letter from Santa Claus. So far, this is the last letter that I had been received from Santa Claus and I am still waiting for return letter from other Santa Claus especially the most popular Santa Claus Finland but I think it was so difficult. 

Thanks Santa Claus Greenland!

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