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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Moon cakes: Vietnam Vs Homemade

Moon cake from Vietnam

On August, my aunt had been travel to Vietnam. When she was back, she had been brought moon cake from Vietnam for us to have some taste on it. It was my first time to eat moon cake which is not “made in Malaysia”.

This moon cake is durian flavor with plastic packaging which easy to bring especially for traveller like my aunt. After opened the packaging, the moon cake did not look nice but when eating it, I can feel the taste of durian.

Homemade moon cake

This is homemade moon cake which made by my aunt in Tawau. She is so talent in baking and she also makes some moon cake for sell too. The shape of this moon cake is so special which like a shape of pear. My aunt’s moon cake has yellow yolk inside and it also taste good and delicious.

After eating for the third moon cake, the moon cake is Pandan flavor and I had forgotten to take a photo of it. Actually it is not much different with the picture as below while the different is that the inside of moon cake is in green color.

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