Wednesday, 4 September 2013

2013-08 Favorite Postcards Received (Part 2)

~ Continued from Part 1 ~

This is a Thank You Card that sent by Tonia because I had sent a postcard to her mother which you can refer for my postcard project of send an encouragement to Tonia’s mother for more details. This St. Andrews Catholic Church also is a school in a town close to Tonia's place. The church was built in 1851 and the school started in 1941.

This postcard shows a picture of current King and Queen of Netherlands at their wedding. His mother was Queen at the time but she abdicated earlier this year. Anouk had told me that Queen is originally from Argentina which I quite surprise to know it.

Debbie from Atlanta had sent me this postcard as she thought this girl (postcard’s picture) looked like my Avatar at Postcrossing. She told me that Atlanta is a big city of 7 million people in the metro area. Her favorite museum is The World of Coca-Cola which is my first time to know it and hope that in future can go there for a visit.

Top Left: Art Gallery in Proskurivska Street
Top Right: Monument to B.Khmelnitsky
Centre: View of city Centre
This postcard sent by Tazas (Ukraine) and share with you some words in postcard that wrote by him about friendship.
Friendship- it’s a warm wind
Friendship- this bright world
Friendship- the sun at dawn
Merry feast for the soul.

This postcard show the pictures of Red Data Book of the Republic Belarus that listed the rare and disappearing species of animals and plants to implement measures for their protection on the national level. Belarus really did a great job on it so that we still can see the picture of animals and plants through book.

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