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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Dermafal Placenta Serum Complex with Squalene

This serum complex is specially formulated to help skin restore moisture as well as recover from sunburn and lesion. It also has function of restores skin moisture, aids skin lesion & wound and improves skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

For your information that Squalene is a natural organic compound obtained in high concentrations from shark liver which I know from the small booklet of the products. Besides that, Dermafal is Halal Certified so Malay friends can use it too without any worry. For more information about brand of Dermafal, you can click here to see.

It has 60 gelcaps
How to use (use day & night):

1. To apply, snip tip of the gel cap.

2. Apply on face, body and skin after cleansing.

Above- A complete gelcap
Below- Gelcap that had been snip tip
Transparent serum
The packaging of this serum complex is so lovely, pinky, luxurious and such like UFO in the sky. This serum is non-greasy and fast absorb to skin as after apply it, I can feel that my face is moisturized. I like this serum complex as it can use for whole face and even body too. Thus, it is very suitable to bring along during travel as it is very convenience.

Moisture skin after apply serum complex
Dermafal Placenta Complex has available in 3 formulas at HiShop which as below:-

Limited time offer: FREE Dermafal Organics DNA Repair Cleansing Lotion with 4 Meri Stem Cell worth RM 90+
(When you purchase 2 jars of Dermafal Placenta Serum Complex with Squalene)

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