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Friday, 27 September 2013

Internet Broadband Packages: Maxis - Celcom - Digi

Before this, I had been used for Digi Broadband packages with RM 38 per month. In this packages, the internet quota is 3GB but internet line will slow down from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. (If I not mistaken). After using for few months, I cannot stand with the internet line anymore as it was super slow especially during night so I tried to search for other broadband packages.

Maxis Broadband Packages

Maxis Broadband was my first broadband and I had been used for it about 1 year and changed to Digi because of the monthly fee. I had been gone to Maxis Centre to get the brochure for my survey purpose.

Now, Maxis had been separate the allocations for internet quota which are 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. + 2 a.m. to 8 a.m.. I dislike this package because I did not want to search for time allocation for internet quota anymore and wish to have a normal internet quota without any allocation.

For a nice view, you can click the picture for enlarge view or direct to Maxis Internet Plan.

Maxis broadband package
Maxis broadband package
Celcom Broadband Packages

After read for Celcom brochure, I quite satisfied with Celcom broadband package as it did not has any allocation for internet quota. Besides that, it also has Porta WiFi Modem which can use at home, laptop and even in car.

For a nice view, you can click the picture for enlarge view or direct to Celcom Porta Wifi.

Celcom broadband package 
Celcom broadband package
Digi Broadband Packages

Digi has offer different broadband monthly fee to Digi Postpaid user and new sign up customer. Of course, Digi Postpaid user is enjoy cheaper monthly fee compare new sign up customer.

Below is the explanation of monthly fee for Digi Postpaid user and new sign up customer for Internet Boardband 6GB package:

* RM 99 is the standard monthly fixed charges for Broadband 6GB package (Stand alone)
* RM 89 is referring to the monthly fixed charge for Broadband as a supplementary line. This means the broadband is registered under a main line (voice plan).
Digi broadband package
Finally, I choose to upgrade my current Digi broadband internet quota from 3GB to 6GB as the monthly fee Internet Broadband 6GB for Digi and Celcom are the same.

Updated: Digi Internet Broadband 6GB
After finished with internet quota, need to top-up to continue online or else wait for next billing period.


  1. how was the internet speed and coverage?

    1. Fong,

      For Digi Boardband, the internet speed is fast but as I mention above that when you reach up internet quota, you need to top up or wait for next billing period to continue online.

      I live in Labuan, East Malaysia and I can online using Digi Boardband easily.

      For more details, you can go to your nearest Digi Centre to know more about internet package.


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