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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask

I had received 3 of TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Masks for Plus Size Kitten’s Guinness Mask Review. I will use them as my beauty experiment.

This cooling mask has the benefit of cooling, moisturizing, smoothens skin and whitening as it suitable for all skin type.

Beauty Experiment

Objective: To test the different cool level of the masks with or without put in fridge.

*The results may be vary depend on the brand and life time of fridge*

1. Use the mask without put in fridge (Instant Use)
When using it, I can feel icy mint which is so refreshing. After using it, I can see that my face is more moisture than before. After remove the mask, I pat the essence that left on face to ensure they are fully absorb by my face.

2. Use the mask after put in fridge for few days (Lower part of fridge)
When using it, the cool level was almost the same with the first experiment (instant use mask). After use for second times, I can saw my face became brighter than before.

3. Use the mask after put in fridge for 1 hour (Upper part of fridge)
When start using it, I feel super cool but it only cool for few minutes. I am not recommended to put mask in fridge (upper part) for 1 hour just like me because the times take quite long that essence starts to become ice.  

The conclusion:
This cooling mask is very suitable for someone who always travelling as it provide instant cooling which the cool level almost same with the mask put in fridge (lower part) for a few days. To enhance the cool level can put the mask in fridge (upper part) for 20-30 minutes.

Enjoy the mask!!!

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