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Thursday, 9 May 2013

JASAENGSU Collagen Essence Mask

This mask gives an effect of moisturizing, firming and brightening which high concentrated with collagen. It is designated to permeate deep into your skin to increase skin’s elasticity and moisture which leaving the face firm and supple. It is very suitable for all skin types. 

The texture of the mask

I like the packaging of mask which is so cute. This mask comes out with eye mask too. This mask suit well for my face. After using this, my face feel moisturize and smooth.

Where to purchase it?
Go to website of Hishop Malaysia and click on JASAENGSU Collagen Essence Mask.

Enjoy 20% off for your purchase above RM 100 by use discount code:
  LOVEHISHOP (code expires on 30 June 2013)

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