Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Send Kids The World: Postcards for kids with life threatening illnesses

Send Kids the World features kids with life threatening illnesses and injuries and enables you to reach out to them and send them encouraging postcards from all around the world.

Write a cheerful short note to the child.  For example, tell about the picture on the front of the postcard and the place where you’re sending it from (i.e. Hailey, We live here just below Mt. Timpanogos.  We hope Florida is beautiful this time of year! Love, The Smith Family).  Or just a simple ‘Greetings from…’.  Simple is best.  Remember, you’re not trying to cure them or be a miracle worker; you’re just making them happy for a little while!

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY.  Know the status of a child before writing your message and mailing the postcard. Don’t write get well soon because some of the kids will not get well. You want to cheer up these children and their families, not add more hurt to their lives.  

I had sent out 72 postcards to all the kids. I made the handmade postcards for the kids, as I want to reduce my stickers. I wrote their name on the postcard and decorated with some stickers. At the back of postcard write some message and decorated with washi tape. Hope they will like my postcards!

For those interested to write postcard to the kids can refer website of “Send KidsThe World”. You no need to send all postcards to all the kids like me but advisable. You can send postcard to selective kids or during their birthday.  


  1. J-Mei - I respect and admire what you're doing here. Keep it up. If you have a free moment this week or next, could you drop me a line at virgilnci(@)gmail(dot)com? I have a question about a recent post. I hope all is well, V

    1. Virgil,

      It's ok to write down your question in comment section. You also can drop me an email at surveyfoo@hotmail.com


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