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Miri + Brunei Trip 2017

7th December 2017

Labuan Airport >> Miri Airport >> GrabCar RM 8 >> Coco House >> Kwang Tung Café>> Bintang Mega Mall >> Miri Central Market >> Sin Liang Supermarket >> Coco House

The flight flied from 11.30am and reached Miri around 12pm. That time has little raining. After checked in to Coco House, I went to Kwang Tung Café for lunch that cost me RM5.

After that, I walked to Bintang Mega Mall to buy movie ticket (RM8) for tomorrow.

There is a short cut walk to Bintang Mega Mall. I walked through some stone walk path from Coco House. This short cut near with Miri Handicraft Centre.

Not far from Miri Central Market has Sin Liang Supermarket that can buy some necessity such as water mineral and some food.

8th December 2017

Coco House >> Tamu Kedayan & Tamu Muhibah >> Senior Citizen Street>> Tua Pek Kong Temple >> Super Save Department Store >> Miri Handicraft Centre >> Bintang Mega Mall >> I Love Yoo! >> Miri Flower Park >> Medan Selera Taman Seroja >> Coco House

In the early morning, I walked to Tamu Kedayan & Tamu Muhibah. At there, selling many fruits and vegetables. I planned having breakfast at there but due to so many people then I changed my mind.

From Tamu, I walked until the almost end. In order to reach the last shop lots, need to cross many roads so I turned back and continued walk again until at Central Market area and having breakfast at Senior Citizen Street.

Tua Pek Kong Temple near with fish market. I went here for worship. The incense can buy in a stall in temple that cost me RM1. For the first timer, you can worship according the number plate.

Not far from temple has Super Save Supermarket, I went there for a shop. In here, the bag of everyone is same except the size. It is to prevent anyone steal the things.

Few years ago, I came Miri Handicraft Centre for finding murals but now no more after renovation. The shops inside Miri Handicraft Centre has air-condition compare last time that do not have air-condition and quite hot.

 Walked out from Bintang Mega Mall, I walked to Flower Park. It is a hot day and I saw the gardener slept at there. The flowers inside the park is not so many.

9th December 2017

Coco House >> Happy Food Court >> SJK Chung Hua Miri >> GrabCar RM9 >> E-Mart Riam >> GrabCar RM10 >> Bus Terminal Pujut >> Brunei >> Bus Terminal Pujut >> GrabCar RM7 >> Coco House

10th December 2017

Coco House >> Miri Central Market >> Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) >> Permaisuri Imperial City Mall & Boulverad Hypermarket >> Miri Container City >> GrabCar RM3 >> Marina Park City (KoffeeBrick) >> Coco House

After breakfast, I visited UTC. Near with UTC has seahorse that you can take picture. I like the gold seahorse. Haha.. Inside UTC can purchase Wifi through the machine, quite cool!

In Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, I went TGV Cinema to watch the movie. My friend told me that the movie ticket quite expensive but not sure, why I can get RM8 of movie ticket. After movie time, I walked to Miri Container City for lunch.

11th December 2017

Coco House >> Nice Cafe >> GrabCar RM9 >> E-Mart Riam >> 96 Cafe >> GrabCar RM9 >> Bintang Mega Mall >> Coco House

12th December 2017

Coco House >> Happy Food Court >> GrabCar RM10 >> Miri Airport >> Labuan Airport

It is quite seldom to meet female GrabCar driver. The time I request transport to airport, a female driver accept my booking. From the map, I can saw that the traffic quite jam so the driver need a bit longer time to reach Coco House.

She texted me to inform that she is stuck in traffic jam. As my flight on 10am plus and now is just 8am, therefore I replied she that just take her time, I can wait for she. After few minutes, the driver cancel my booking. Then I request again and the male driver accept my booking and send me to airport. Look like female driver not so reliable.

The interesting road names in Miri. I cannot find “Jalan Hakka”, “Jalan Foochow” and so on but I also not sure whether has these road name of not. Haha..

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