Monday, 8 January 2018

Miri + Brunei Trip 2017: Coco House

Residing at a city that emphasizes tourim, we will try our best to make your vacation ever more interesting and memorable! Our services not only includes accommodation, but also diving (with our sister company Coco Dives), river cruise, land tours (with our another sister company Minda Travel)- Coco House

Through C-Trip, I booked a single room. When went into the room, I was quite shocked to know that it is not a single room but is single bed. After think twice, it also my mistake as the price for single room impossible RM35 per day. I was quite rush to book the room.

Book with the Guesthouse is cheaper than through website as I saw from receptionist that a single bed cost RM30 per day.

The door for Guesthouse still using key instead of card.

At level 2, beside dorm, it has shared bathroom.

Guesthouse provide free breakfast that is white bread. Near with pantry has living room that watch the TV or video. You even can read some magazine or book.

At level 1 is room which for two or three people. The room is attach with the bathroom.

 Inside the room did not has cupboard but has something for you to hang your cloth. Besides that, did not has any TV for you to watch. If want to watch TV, go living room at 2nd floor. It has free Wifi during the stay and the line connection is good.

Please be aware that the receptionist not around in Sunday Morning as they are go to Church for a pray.

In same area of Guesthouse has café (open in night) but I did not try for it. The cleaning service is upon request.

Coco House
9, Jalan Miri Pujut,
98000 Miri, Sarawak
Tel: 085-417051
Website: Coco House

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