Sunday, 7 January 2018

Miri + Brunei Trip 2017: Food (Part 2/2)

Happy Food Court

This shop near with Mei Ann Methodist Church. Inside the shop has many food stalls. I went here for two times.

The reason I chose for this food stall is it has Gong Pia. I ordered a plate of wet Gong Pia, missing the Gong Pia in Sibu. Besides that, I ordered fried curry noodle. The portions is quite big.

Before I went to airport, I came here for breakfast again. This time I ordered Dry Gong Pia and Claypot noodle. I saw the shop did sell vegetable bun that I would like to try but too bad I was full.

Miri Container City

The decoration of Miri Container City is nice with many murals of cartoon. The food choice is limited, I ordered Noodle Jawa. For those ice cream lover can try coconut ice cream at Tusan stall. I heard many people said that the burger is nice but I did not try for it.

This place is suitable for those who like to take pictures. It is near with Boulevard Supermarket or Permaisuri Imperial City Mall.

If I not mistaken, this place open from afternoon until night.

Marina Park City (Koffee Brick)

My friend date me in Koffee Brick. I went there with GrabCar from Permaisuri Imperial City Mall. The GrabCar driver thought I want go to Marina Hotel and send me to there. When reach, I just curios that the hotel has coffee house. The driver then send me to Koffee Brick.

I ordered a cup of hot chocolate. This area is quite new as I saw few shops open and the rest is empty or under renovation.

Nice Cafe

The breakfast choices in Miri are many that I had problem in choose the place to enjoy the breakfast. Lastly I chose this café because of want to try Ang Jiu (Foochow Red Wine) Chicken Soup Noodle. For me, the noodle soup is so-so.

This café located opposite side of Miri Container City.

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