Saturday, 6 January 2018

Miri + Brunei Trip 2017: Food (Part 1/2)

Senior Citizen Street

This street in Central Market area. You can see many old people gather here for breakfast or a talk. Besides old people, quite many people come here for breakfast. It has many shops can having breakfast and I randomly walked into a shop and ordered Noodle Wanton.

The shop is operate by family that mum cook and dad serves people. As now was school holiday so their children come for help. The son helped to wash the utensils.   

Medan Selera Taman Seroja

In Miri, I found out that I did not eat more vegetable that may cause constipation. At here, I did not order food but take some rice with vegetables. Beside you can order noodle or rice, you can order some grill food such as grill fish, satay and many more.

Miri Central Market

The dinner choices in Miri are limited because many shops closed in night. Central Market has some stalls open so I ate fried rice that cost me RM 5. This Central Market mainly operated by Chinese.

Early in morning, I ate my breakfast at Miri Central Market. Before breakfast, I bought Chai Kuih (Steamed Vegetable Dumplings) in a food stall. A set of 3 steamed vegetable dumplings RM2, it is quite thin but at here has more variety. I ordered Laksa in stall No.1.

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