Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Miri + Brunei Trip 2017: One Day Trip in Brunei (Bus)

From online source stated that it has a bus stop near with E-Mart Riam but from Google Map, I cannot see the bus stop. The reason I chose to take bus in E-Mart Riam [8:30am-11:04am] because it is early reach in Brunei compare bus from Bus Terminal Pujut [8:15am-11:19am].

Before 8 am, I reached E-Mart Riam but the GrabCar driver did not know the location of bus stop therefore I go look around. I asked a staff in 7-11 convenience shop and been informed that the only bus stop is go to town. Therefore, I just thinking whether want to go Bus Terminal Pujut or not as the bus will leave on 8:15 am. Do I manage to catch the bus at there?

Lastly, I booked for GrabCar to go Bus Terminal Pujut. Upon reach Bus Terminal Pujut, a man asked me to go into the bus. I felt weird and stated that I want go to Brunei and he pointed the bus ticketing counter. I did not know which bus ticketing counter did he pointed. When he saw me go to wrong bus ticketing counter, he shouted me and told me go to the last bus ticketing counter.

A last bus ticketing counter, the staff told me that the bus will leaving soon so direct go to the bus. He also pointed the bus to me but I also did not know which bus do he pointed. I cannot find the bus and random went into a bus and asked the driver. The driver pointed the bus next to his bus. At this time, the Brunei bus slowly moving. Oh no….

The Brunei bus driver did saw me and I waved to him and asked, “Can I go Brunei?”. He nod his head and open the bus door for me. Finally, I can go to Brunei. The bus driver assistant asked for passport and paid RM 50 to him. I need to fill in Arrival and Departure Card.

In Malaysia Immigration, I need to return the small paper of “30 Days Stay in Sarawak” and my passport been stamped. The bus driver assistant assist us in Immigration. As the bus only has four people (Me, a man and a couple) so the process is very fast.

After that, we went into the bus. Around few minutes, we reached Brunei Immigration. My passport also been stamped in here. It did not has many people in Brunei Immigration. After that, the journey started.

Around 11pm, I reached Bus Stop in Jalan McArthur or Waterfront. It is quite fast than what I expected because the bus direct to Waterfront instead stop at Serian or Kuala Belait as everyone want to go Waterfront.

The bus did stop in Petro station to fill in petrol. The petrol price in Brunei is cheaper than Malaysia, around RM1++ while Malaysia started at RM2++.

When go down from bus, I asked the bus driver assistant about the bus ticket counter for return. He told me that inside the bus to pay for bus ticket and the same bus will back to Miri. After that, I crossed the road and started my solo trip.

Around 12.30pm, I went into the bus and the bus will leave on 1pm. Inside the bus has many passengers compare morning. Some foreigners also same bus with me.

Around 3pm, the bus reach Serian, wait for 15 minutes, and went to Kuala Belait. When saw the Immigration, it means that I am closely to Terminal Bus Pujut. Around 1 hour, the bus reached bus stop.

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