Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Christmas DIY 2017

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In this year, I wish my friends “Merry Christmas” through Television.

At first, I uses some pictures of TV and Santa Claus combine together in the Microsoft Word. Beside Santa Claus, I use chat shape to write some message for my friends. I use sticker paper to print it out. After print out, I will paste it on Manila card and cut it accordingly.

At the back of TV, I use gold string to make it like TV antenna with the help of washi tape.

I go to Youtube to find a Christmas song and use the link to generate a QR Code.

After print out the QR Code, I stick it at the back of TV with the word of “Scan Me”.

For the envelope, I use wording of “Curlz MT” as a guideline for me to write the name. Besides that, I use washi tape to decorate the envelope.

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