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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Jelly Fish: Monster Diary Postcard

In this post, I will not talk about the jelly fish that you know which is a type of marine animal but the jelly fish that I would introduce is an illustrator.

Jelly Fish adores using colors in his art. Many of his drawing are full of joy, laughter and happiness especially his characters and most of his characters are angels with a pair of wings. He likes to look at beautiful sceneries for inspirations and daydreams together with his imagination – JellyFish

13th November 2014

When surfing internet, I had accidentally saw Fanpage of Jelly Fish had selling postcard via online as usually he sell at offline or at booth.   

The things that attract me to buy from he are free postage when purchase more than 5 pieces and can add in the words that you want on the postcard.

Before purchase, I had started write down the name list with picture postcard that I wish to add in the word that I want. As some of the space on postcard quite limited so I just write for short word like Hi, XXX in Chinese.

After that, I private massage he via Facebook. I had asked him to write some words on one of my purchase postcard for my collection. 

18th November 2014

Postcard safety arrived at my house. Yippee! I had bought 2 sets of postcard.  Jelly Fish is so nice that he said that he made a postcard for me with some words. 

The postcard that bought by me as below:-

Above: Original
Below: Add words
The original postcard

The postcard that personalized by add on some words.

Jefferson Ah Boy
Wendy Lam 杀手熊猫
周嘉涵 百变女孩
Cai Qi Lee 便便龙
Lala Sky 异兽
Ying Chun Huang 家人
Niki Bong 雪糕鱼
Shu Ying 兔法师
Nelson Ngo 双面怪 

For those who are interested, you can click here to purchase it.

To know the story behind postcard, you can click here to read it.

All seems perfect and nice right? But……..

29th November 2014

I had free time so I scan the entire postcard to my laptop as I want to write in my blog. When scanning, I just found out that one of the postcards has mistaken in word that my friend name is “凤芬” but he typed to “凤芳”.   I had told him but he just said sorry and will more careful in next time as the list that gave by me was using Simplified Chinese but he used Traditional Chinese on postcard which he did not noticed.

Are your name is 凤芳? If yes, do tell me as I can send this postcard to you because I cannot send this postcard to my friend due to word mistaken.


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    1. 瑜珺,

      Yup, I like the idea of artist that can put some words on postcard :)


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