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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Church Wedding of Andy & Brenda

8th August 2013

Early in the morning, my family and I had gone to my cousin’s house to see my beautiful cousin in wedding dress and her tea ceremony. My aunt had prepared breakfast and cakes for us. I love the window decoration which is cute and lovely.

Wedding decoration of window
It has 2 wedding cars which are one for groom and bride while the other is a cute and small car. Behind the cute car has tied up with some cans so when the car move, you can heard the sound of "kong..kong.."

Wedding cars
After tea ceremony, all of us moved to wedding ceremony in church. Going into church, the seat had been divided into two sides which are family side of groom and bride. 

Sign here!
During the wedding ceremony, I was surprise to hear the speech of pastor as the way he talk was funny and meaningful. Pastor had said that he had seen my cousin and her husband had been locked together and the one who can unlock them is god.


Now, share with you some tips on managing a happiness wedding that told by pastor which as below:

Communication- Communication is like an antenna that both sides (husband and wife) must express their thought so that both of them will know the feelings of other side.

Accept- As the family background for both of them are different (example house also has different types such as make from wood, cement and so on) so both of them must accept the weakness of other side and help he/she.

Forgive- Husband and wife must learn to forgive each other as no one is perfect.

Wedding greeting card
After finished listening the tips, my cousin and her husband must saw with each other and promise will follow the tips towards happiness wedding life. After that it will be continued by some wedding ceremony that declare both of them as husband and wife.

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