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Friday, 21 February 2014

Christmas Swap from Hanna

September 2013

11th November 2013

I had received Hanna’s parcel. On the parcel, can saw have 2 cute stickers.

Let take a look of the small gifts that I received from Hanna.

Hanna had given me a set of beautiful tapes that I can use on postcard for decoration. My tape collection had been increase as recently I also brought some tapes with cute cartoons and patterns.

She also included some tissue papers with printed picture. This was my first time to see tissue paper that has picture on it.

As this was Christmas swap, I had received Santa Claus clip. It was so cute!

This is a small notebook. Inside of notebook is grid line but is not straight line or blank page. Just wonder what can I write with this notebook, need to figure it out..

This is a keychain from CIBA Vision. I think this is a freebie from eye care shop. I also had google to know more about this CIBA Vision and found out that Malaysia also has branch.

Hanna had written a Christmas card for me with 3 different Germany views of blank postcards.   

This is an Avocado soap that can use for body after I confirmed from Hanna as the packaging of soap is written on German.  


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