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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Postcard Project: Geography School Project

Postcard behind story from Karolina:-

Hi, I’m a teacher in lower secondary school in Poland. I’d like to know if someone interested in exchanging a postcard between you and my class. We are doing geography project which deals with getting postcards from different parts of the world (landscapes and city views). I want to display the postcards later on and show them to the greater public in my school.

As the purpose of this Geography project is introducing the students about the places in the world so I had chosen a postcard with stunning view from hanging bridge at Langkawi cable car. Hope they will like my selection of postcard.


  1. It's so wonderful you have foreign friends who can exchange postcards.=)

    1. baoqiong,
      If you interested, you can take a look of the Postcrossing website that you also can exchange postcard too :)



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