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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Nail Strip for Kids: Play it! With Bloop

In January 2014, I had received a parcel from HiShop. When I opened the parcel, I was so surprised as inside of parcel is a nail strip that design for kids. Nowadays, kids are so happiness as they also can decorate their nails with pretty nail strip and this nail strip is better than nail polish because it is very safe that did not include any chemical and alcohol content that maybe harm to kids.
Nail strip for kids
How to use:
1. Choose the best strip size for each nail.
2. Align & place the nail strip on to the nail. 
 *Round edge facing cuticle*
3. Using a nail file to file off the excess strip in a downward motion.

Remark: Although this nail strip is design for kid but for safety purpose, this nail strips is not suitable for child under 5 years old.

Nail Strip Removal
1. Dip nails into warm water for 5-10 minutes.
2. Peel off nail strips.
3. Remove any excess glue with bloop nail polish remover.

Design of nail strip for kids
As my house did not have any kids so I will demonstrate this nail strip on my sister’s fingers as she seems more interested with this nail strip. I like the design of this nail strip that every nail strips have different patterns such as bling, small diamond and simple drawing. I bet that all the kids will super happy when apply this nail strip on their hand.

As my sister is adults so when using this kids’ nail strip, we were facing a small problem which was the nail strip cannot completely cover up her fingers as this nail strip was too small for she or adults so my sister suggested to fill in the blank with the excess nail strip.

This nail strip is too small for adults' finger
You may be curious that where do we find the excess nail strip. The excess nail strip come from the length of nail strip (picture as below), then we fill in the empty space of fingers with this excess nail strip.

It really cost some time and work to do it (fill in the blank on every fingers) as this nail strip design specially for kids but the results of nail strip on fingers really nice. My sister was very happy seeing her beautiful nail.

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i. HiShop
ii. Bloop

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