Thursday, 28 March 2013

European Blend Coffee (Drip Bag Coffee)

This coffee sample is a drip bag coffee which I received from Brook's Cafe. This was my first time to make a coffee using coffee drip bag. I just knew that coffee also has its drip bag to make it. (Before this, I only know about tea bag)

It was easy to make.

The coffee bag is look like this (as below). It has card in wing shape which you need to open it.

After open the wing of drip bag, it will look like this.

Then, tear off the coffee bag.

After that, hook up the coffee bag by using the "wing" to your cup.

After this, pour the hot water into the drip bag and the water will mix with coffee powder to become coffee.

Enjoy the coffee after remove the drip coffee bag.

When open the package of coffee, I already can smell the coffee without making it (strong aroma). I like this coffee because it has well bitterness which matches with my taste (This coffee did not as bitter as other coffee that I drink).


  1. 1.Special Value Set

    2.Special Value Set + DRIPRESSO 20pieces

    3.Cantafe 3 Assort+Cocoa Latte

  2. Thanks you.
    I'm Trung from Vietnam
    I'm working on the product.


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