Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Asia Food Recipe

To all of you especially cooking lover,

I would like to introduce a website which is Asia Food Recipe.  Asia Food Recipe is the largest recipe-sharing community on which users can upload, share and view cooking recipe video.

At there, you can search for the recipe according to course order (Appetizer, Side Dish and others); cuisine (Chinese, Filipino and others); main ingredients (beef, bread and others); holiday (Christmas, Deepavali and others) and dietary consideration ( High Fiber, Low Calories and others) or just type in anything that you want to look for.

I  Asia Food Recipe because of its…….


In this website, I can find many recipes that I want. The ways its present are very clear with demonstration video.  I did not need to buy a recipe book because all the recipe can find in here. My favorite’s recipe is bento making because those bentos are so cute.

In Article part, I can find many tips that relate with my life such as a simple way to clean an old dishwasher, do natural body products by myself, 5 quick and easy meals for busy working adults and many more. It makes me become knowledgeable and stay healthy with those tips.

In this website, I can learn a lot Do-it-yourself (DIY) stuff. It has some printable templates for download that make me more easily. It also has offer some occasions DIY for me to choose such as Chinese New Year, Valentine Day, Birthday, and many more.

At last, Asia Food Recipe is a website that suitable for me as a food lover that always wants to try for new recipe. 

Bon Appetite!

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