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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Matcha Cappuccino (Cantafe)

I had received my coffee samples (Matcha Cappuccino and European Blend Coffee) from Brook’s Cafe. Brook’s was established in Japan in 1968 which offering to the customer coffee, tea and many other food products by mail order.

In this post, I will sharing for Matcha Cappuccino. 

Based on Wikipedia, Matcha 抹茶 (as above) is referring to finely milled or fine powder green tea. It is a fine ground, high quality green tea and not the same as tea powder or green tea powder.

This sample is a type of powdered drink mix. It was so special because Matcha + Cappuccino = Matcha Cappuccino. Cantafe is sweet and tasty.

The ways to make it (as below): 

It will look like this.

This Matcha Cappuccino did not has any bitter taste or cappuccino taste in it.  It has creamy texture with rich aroma of Matcha. When drink this, you must slowly drink so that you will feel the taste of Matcha Cappuccino. 


  1. How can I purchase Cantafe tea in USA? I have been looking for this tea for 4 years. It is truly delicious.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Harriet,

      Agree with you, this tea taste good.

      You can check at Brook's cafe @

  2. 1.Special Value Set

    2.Special Value Set + DRIPRESSO 20pieces

    3.Cantafe 3 Assort+Cocoa Latte


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