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Monday, 11 March 2013

Chap Goh Mei 2013 Part III

I had went to Station 2 to look for the performance like lion dance, the God tour and others because I will need to wait for more longer if I choose to see the performance at Station 3.

As you can see, the people at Station 2 became crowd because many of them wait for the performance.

The night also has many beautiful fireworks.

First performance was dragon dance. It was quite difficult for me to have a nice shooting for this activity because the dragon keeps moving. Besides that, the place I stand was too far, just keep using zoom method.

After dragon dance, it’s time to set up the things (LED stand) that need for lion dance.

Lion keep moving to the top.

When at the top, the lion had light up the banner of the Station 2.

The banner had been light up.

The God tour started after lion dance. Each God will carry by at least 2 men or more. Then, they will go a round at Station 2. It was the most difficult part for photo shooting as the place I stand did not has any light and the God tour also keep moving. 

After this, the time showed 11.00 p.m. and I needed to go home because the next day I still need to work.
That all for my post for Chap Goh Mei 2013,
hope you will enjoy in reading.

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