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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Chap Goh Mei 2013 Part II

Went to Station 2 after finished visited at Station 3.

   Before arrive in Station 2, you will see a big door.

Same as Station 3, this station still no so crowd. Again, it was better for photo shooting session.

At there, you can saw some food that for worship such as chicken, duck, cake and others.

All the longevity noodles were arranged in pyramid shape.

The jelly can made the picture of vegetables with Chinese word “出入平安” means safe when going in & out to somewhere.

Two fishes with one word “” means blessing.

Cake with the word of “年年有” means may you have surplus and remainders year after year. The word “” is a homonym for “” so you can see some fish on cake.

The cake has snake printed with much gold.

The big cake.

The cake is like a yellow snake on the glass.

It has two cute yellow and green color snakes on the cake.

The snake with its eggs and wafer stick as fence. Does it look like real?

The big yellow snake is protecting its egg. Do you dare to steal it?

This is the other types of cake of snake.

Fish made from jelly. Do you see the blue dolphin?

I think these 2 snakes are husband and wife. The wife is the one with the egg.

The number of 2013 with snake printed on cake which symbolic of this year.

The number of 2013 with snake again but this time was made from gold chocolate.

Take a closer view.

At the ceiling has many lanterns that look like shape of 6 or 9.

After finished visited for 2 stations, it’s time to see the show.

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