Sunday, 19 November 2017

World Post Day 2017: My First Day Cover

A first day of issue cover or first day cover (FDC) is a postage stamp on a cover, postal card or stamped envelope franked on the first day the issue is authorized for use within the country or territory of the stamp-issuing authority- Wikipedia

I did not collect First Day Cover because if I collect it with postcards, I think at someday I will need declare bankruptcy. It is quite pricey to collect FDC and postcard. Haha…

Before 9 October, in Postcard FB Group has suggest doing a gathering at any post office as long as has 2 members. At first Isabella from Limbang plans go Kota Kinabalu for gathering but if I have time to meet with she then she will come my place.

On 9 October, during lunch hour, I went to Post Office. I planned to buy some postcards but already sold out. Therefore, I changed to buy a FDC as a collection. Isabella did came to meet with me. Her mother accompany her. We did have a small talk because later on I need to continue working.

Below is some information that I get from FDC’s brochure:-

World Post Day is celebrated each year on 9 October. The vent was declared by the 1969 Universal Postal Congress in Tokyo as a means to mark the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) creation in 1874. The purpose of World Post Day is to bring awareness to the public on the Post’s role in the everyday lives of the people and business, as well as its contribution to social and economic development globally.

A postcard is a cardboard paper of a certain size that is used to write a greeting to someone without using envelope. There are 2 parts of a postcard, the front and its reverse side. The front of a postcard will portray an interesting pictures or design. The reverse is used to write the greetings and address of the recipient.

A stamp must be pasted on the reverse side as postage payment. The postage rate for postcards within Malaysia are 30sen and 50sen for overseas. Among the common themes are the landscapes of a country, a map of a place, famous buildings as well as flora and fauna. The first postcard in the world was published in Austria on 1 October 869 and was known as Correspondenz-Karte.

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