Monday, 20 November 2017

Wedding Wish Postcard Project 2017

[My Birthday Project 2014] [Wedding Postcard Project 2015]

 In the end of this year, I am collecting postcard for 5 years. Therefore, my postcard is getting more and more. Suddenly I have an idea about “SHARING” which is doing a wedding wish postcard project (as wedding gift to my friend) to let the sender choose whether send to my friends or me.

This project a bit different compare previously (year 2015) because I cannot know how many people will send wedding wish postcard. Besides that, I need a long preparation time (time to receive the postcard) as previously the country involved only Taiwan and Malaysia but now is worldwide.

In last year, when I am thinking this project dedicated to who, that time I knew that, my friend was done with marriage register with her boyfriend. Therefore, I planned to collect wedding wish postcard to she as gift although I did not know the date of her wedding dinner.

I started with giving an option to sender in Postcrossing website. After few month, I did received some wedding wish postcards for my friend. Some sender so good that send two postcards, one is for my friend and another is for me.

I stopped this project in the end of July to avoid any late postcard reach and started with postcard album decoration. My friend’s wedding dinner on the end of September.

I bought some wedding sticker to paste on the cover of postcard album. The album actually is CD album but I made it to postcard album. Besides that, at the last page of album, I stick some stickers that I won from Astro AEC contest. The sticker show a family that is very suitable for this project. 

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