Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Pontianak (Indonesia) Trip 2017

Although Pontianak not very big, there are still some places or food that I did not managed to visit or eat. Below are some places or food that I did not have time to go or try:

Mall or Supermarket
Mal Ramayana
Pontianak Mall
Plaza Khatulistiwa
Mitra Anda
Ligo Mitra
Kaisar Supermarket
Harum Manis Supermarket
Swalayan Asoka Baru
Mitra Mart Supermarket
Garuda Mitra Pasar Swalayan & Toserba
Citra Niaga Department Store & Toserba

Afu Chicken Rice (Chicken, red pork & some salted pork)
Nasi Ayam Akit
Street Food GM 1st
A Hin Chai Kue Panas Siam
Pondok rasa Food Court
Bubur Padas (not spicy)
Bubur Ikan Ah Hian
Ce Hun Tiau Ahui (Cendol)
Kentava Pempek Palembang ( Pempek is a savory fishcake delicacy that made of fish and tapioca & usually served with rich sweet and sour sauce called kuah cuka or just “cuko”)

Taman DIGULIS: The monument was established as a memorial of the struggle Eleven Figures of Sarekat Islam from West Kalimantan.
Waterpark Paradis Q
Aloe Vera Center
Istana Kadriah
Kampung Beting (intersection between Sg Landak & Sg Kapuas)
Tamasya Puri Wisata: Orang Utan Museum (Gallery)
Kantor Pos Pontianak Kota Baru
Temple: Vihara Paticca Samuppada & Vihara Bodhisatva Karaniya Metta & Kwan In Temple

Language (words)
Cumi: Squid
Bis: Bus
Apulkat: Avocado
Pecal: Fried Chicken
Oplet: Small Van
Cerewok: Man
Cerewek: Woman
Waysay: Toilet
Kama: Room
Kalian: You
Bis Surat: Mailbox
Hapus: Clear
Sisa: Balance
Pajak: Tax

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