Sunday, 5 November 2017

Gardenia Resort & Spa Pontianak: Aruna Spa, The Papyrus Restaurant & Taman Fantasia Kalbar

You can enjoy spa treatment or massage at Aruna Spa. That time I stayed, it has 10% discount for all spa and massage.

When you interested to try for it, try asking from receptionist counter and they will arrange therapist for you. After finish, you need to pay in receptionist counter there.

Breakfast in The Papyrus Restaurant

The breakfast offer many in variety and the dessert has many choices.

You can request for egg cooking from the chef.

Near with restaurant has washroom.

You can choose to enjoy your breakfast at inside restaurant (near with food) or open deck.

Taman Fantasia Kalbar

At here has swimming pool for kids to play with.

The water slide tower is so high.

If you don’t want to play water, at here also suitable for photo taking.

That time I reach in morning, not many people at here.

Inside the park has a small shop which can buy some snack. When I at there, it did not open yet.

It also has washroom for you to change cloth before or after play with water.

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