Friday, 10 November 2017

Lovely Disabled Camp 2017: Triumph in the Sky (Group 11)

13-15 October 2017 (Friday-Sunday)

In the camp, I need take care of Yang Yang who is a 17 years old guy on wheel chair. He cannot walk at all. Beside me, James (3rd times join) and Kiwi (1st time join) are also take care of Yang Yang. Yang Yang mother is Sister Mee Leng.

Yang Yang likes to play with us by falling his head to another side and we need to take up his head properly. He cannot eat hard food so eat some soft food like tofu, oat with milk, egg and others. His mother cannot away from his slightness for a long time because he will cry and think that his mum want to abandon him.

Group 11

Group Members: Abby, Sister Mee Leng, Kiwi, James, Elsa, Bee Hong, Daphne, Sherry, KK, Phun Mun and Thomas’s grandmother

Little Angels: Yang Yang, Ah Kun, Chee Wai and Thomas

In the camp, we need to decorate the group flag. I bring stickers and color pens for decoration.

At the front is night and at the back is morning. Our group name is “G One One”.

The party theme for the camp is “Hawaiian”. All of us need to walk a catwalk. The only guy in my group member become a lady at that night. So pretty!

At the last day, I asked my entire group member to sign and write some words on the postcard.

At the end of camp, beside badge, all of us get two types of coins from an old man. He always ask us to save the coins and do not always think that the coins is heavy. The old man (Group 10) most in the time using wheel chair but he can walk with the stick.

Thanks for Watermelon girl who offer to send me back to hotel when she know I planned alone take Grab Car service. 

We signed on the back of pictures that we took at Art in Paradise as a gift to our group leader.

At the first day, we were playing some activities inside resort.

Volunteers Training Video

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