Monday, 6 November 2017

Fail to Send Postcard in Pontianak

This time, I planned to do postcard by myself. Therefore, I bring some blank postcard, double tape and washi tape to Pontianak. I plan use water bottle label to stick on postcard and write some words about it. I did not bring scissors so I go receptionist counter for borrowing scissors. The receptionist did not allow me to borrow and would inform a housekeeping staff go to my room to help me.

After a while, housekeeping staff come. He helped me cut the label on bottle. As he did not know where start to cut therefore I cut by self. I told him that I will return scissors after using but he insist wait for me finish use it. This make me so nervous and very fast in cutting. 

This was my first time to meet postcard collector in other country. She is also postcard designer and seller. She found out that very difficult to find postcard in Pontianak therefore with her photography skill, she started to design and print postcard for sell. For those interested with her postcard, can try contact she at Facebook or find it in Pontianak (Post Office Kota Baru).

Before this, I ever asked her about stamp value for postcard send to Malaysia from Pontianak and she told me that around 6,000 Rupiah. Besides that, she told me that not all the post office would send the postcard as some post office mainly in parcel. Therefore, better send from Post Office Kota Baru.

I had met up with her in Pontianak. We has a small gathering in Cup Fee Café which not so far from my hotel. She told me that I am her second International postcard collector who meet up (first is Bangkok). The time we at Cup Fee, it is very noisy then you must either speak loudly or when speak close with earch other. If not, cannot heard it clearly what people say.    

Besides talk about postcard, we did talk about travel. She travel with CouchSurfing. I asked that will it dangerous? She said that she started CouchSurfing from Indonesia and when she get well with this method then she start for International (Bangkok & Kuala Lumpur).

Couchsurfing International Inc. operates, a hospitality service and social networking website. The website provides a platform for members to stay as a guest at someone's home (homestay), host travelers, meet other members, or join an event. Unlike many hospitality services, Couchsurfing is an example of the gift economy; there is no monetary exchange between members and there is no expectation by hosts for future rewards- Wikipedia

She did share her CouchSurfing story that is so scary that she met with black guy. Luckily she is safe at the end. The host in Bangkok also is a black guy who did steal her money. Look like CouchSurfing is not so easy, need be careful all the time. Her coming trip is Vietnam.

Before start the day trip to Singkawang, we asked driver to send us to post office to send the postcard. As we reach there quite early so post office still closed (open 7:30am). When in Singkawang, we stopped in post office and been informed that stamp need to send postcard to Malaysia is 20,000 Rupiah that is very different with what I know.

I think not many people send postcard in Singkawang therefore the staff simply charge the rate. My postcard friend told me that say using normal postage like in Jakarta when in post office Kota Baru so that the staff will understand. Lastly I did not send the postcard from Indonesia but from Malaysia.

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