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Singapore Trip 2016: Singapore Philatelic Museum

24th April 2016 (Sunday)

Singapore Philatelic Museum is the custodian and curator of Singapore’s treasure of philatelic materials. The museum collections range from stamps and archival philatelic material of Singapore from the 1830s to the present day, and stamps from member countries of the Universal Postal Union.

From the map get from Singapore Philatelic Museum, it stated that from City Hall station (Exit B), just walk for 5 minutes can reach the museum. As I get lost and cannot find the museum base on the map so I kept asking around for direction and reach there after 45 minutes. Cool right? Haha.. You also can go there through MRT station of Clarke Quay (Exit E) and Bras Basah (Exit A).

From City Hall, it has two directions which are left and right so I did not know which direction can go to the museum so spend some time in exploring it. Next time when you at City Hall, goes to the direction which you did not see McDonalds. The McDonalds direction there (can see white memorial tower) can direct you to Marina Square.

The museum admission for Singapore citizens is FREE while foreign visitors need to pay of SGD6 (adult) and SGD4 (Child who 3-12 years old). My friend did not interest to go in the museum so she waited for me at outside.

From 2 December 2015 until 30 April 2016, it has With Love from Snoopy, Charlie Brown & the Peanuts Gang Exhibition in conjunction with Snoopy & Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie.

For Snoopy exhibition, it has many collectibles relate to Snoopy.

It has The Peanuts movie poster around the museum.

In February, I sent my hand drawing the snoopy postcard to Singapore Philatelic Museum and get a return postcard which you can refer to this post.

This area shows some snoopy postcards sent by sender around the world. I tried to look for my postcard but cannot find it.

It has comic strip of Snoopy.

In museum also can watch the making of The Peanuts movie.

The yellow mail box becomes so cute with the pictures of Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

Snoopy lover will love this exhibition so much because every corner have Snoopy.

If you are postal lover sure you will like this museum because you can find many things such as motorcycle of the post office and much more.

This wall is about famous stamp collectors. I just wonder that why they are so famous. I did not have time to read the words so did not know their stories.

The way it presents the information is very creative and interesting. Sadly to say that I was lack of time, if not I will read the information or story about philately.

It also has lots of stamp wait for you to discover.

Stamp hopscotch which is so creative. Hopscotch is a children’s game which each child by turn hops into and over squares marked on the ground to retrieve a marker thrown into one of these squares.

After visiting Snoopy exhibition, you can go up by stairs to looks for more philatelic.

In this Snoopy exhibition, sure will not forget to take some pictures with Snoopy. As I was alone so I welfie with them but the outcomes were not so beautiful.

Beside philatelic, you can see the traditional life of Singaporean.

It is about “The Singapore Journey: 50 Years through Stamps” exhibition which started from 21 July 2015 until 16 October 2016.

Singapore stamps document the growth of the nation, archiving trials, tribulations, achievements and aspirations.

When I at one room, I saw a man play with a machine. You put the spices on the scale and it will tell you what that is.

The Take home A Stamp machine is so interesting but I did not have time to explore it.

Inside museum also can see the Merlion.

Miniatures of post boxes are so cute.

Every year museum will make an exhibition according to with zodiac. This year is Monkey year so you will see lots of postal related with the monkey.

The “More Than Monkeys” exhibition started from 29 January 2016 until 16 October 2016.

I like the exhibition so much because it is so interesting. You can take a visual tour for it if did not have the chance to go there.

After visited the museum, I took some time to buy the postcard and stamp from here and write it. I think that museum should provide some chops to use for decorating the postcard. It would be best if can provide washi tape and stickers. Hehe..

I bring two Singapore postcards which my friend gave me last times for send out while others I bought from museum.

At the collection corner, it has lots of stamps, first-day cover and postcard to be selling. Beside Singapore stamp, you also can find other country’s stamp.

In front of the counter has a small mail box which you can send out your postcard or letters.

Stamp value send postcard to Malaysia: SGD 0.60
Stamp value send postcard to Taiwan: SGD 0.70

Next time I also would like to go here again to look for other exhibition and slowly to explore the museum because this time I was so rush.

In May, I received my postcard which I sent from Singapore Philatelic Museum. Glad that it is not missing.

Singapore Philatelic Museum
23B Coleman Street
Singapore 179807
Tel: +65 6337 3888
Fax: +65 6337 8958
Opening Hour: Monday to Sunday (10:00 am – 7:00pm)


  1. Actually postcard rate from Singapore to Malaysia is SGD 0.40 and to Taiwan is SGD 0.70

    1. Te Jamie,

      Thanks for telling. I refer back my own postcard, I pasted SGD 0.60 stamp on it. Emm..quite weird o, maybe the museum did not have SGD 0.40 stamp?


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