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Monday, 27 June 2016

Singapore Trip 2016: Chinatown

24th April 2016 (Sunday)

To reach Chinatown in Singapore is easy by look for Chinatown MRT Station. From station, my friend and I chose for wrong exit which lead us to Chinatown Point not Chinatown Complex. Chinatown Point is a shopping mall.

From Chinatown Point, we went out from the mall and look for Chinatown Complex (Pagoda Street). On the way, I saw some street art which is so beautiful.

We kept walking without any direction. At one street, suddenly I saw Sri Mariamman Temple and knew that Chinatown was at there. Sri Mariamman Temple is Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple. This temple can see in many countries include Malaysia but I did not go in before. I was curious the decoration inside of the temple.

In Chinatown has many stalls selling food and souvenirs. My friend bought a frame magnet. At there also has sell many Singapore postcard but the picture of postcard is very normal.

Before this, I saw online recommend to try for egg tart in Tong Heng Confectionery. When I saw Tong Heng, definitely went inside to buy the egg tart for a try.

The shape of egg tart is in diamond shape rather than round shape. I like the egg tart because it is so crispy and delicious, not same with the egg tart I ate before in Malaysia. The price is a little bit expensive so I just bought 2 egg tarts, if not I would like to try for other pastries.

Opposite of Tong Heng Confectionery can see Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The temple is big and beautiful.  Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a Buddhist temple and museum complex located in Chinatown. The times, I went there has recite scriptures and lots of people inside of the temple. Next time I would like to explore this temple.

From Tong Heng Confectionery, walk straight and you will see Maxwell Food Court. I saw online said that this food court is local’s favorite compare with Chinatown Food Street.

In food court has many food stalls. I ordered for fish noodles.

At the back of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple has Chinatown Complex. Inside of it has many cloth and souvenirs stall. Besides that it has food court at first floor.

Near with Chinatown Complex has Chinatown Visitor Centre. Inside of it has selling some souvenirs which is so beautiful but a little bit pricey. 

Inside of Chinatown Visitor Centre has Chinatown souvenir penny machine. I had made one for my collection. Beside that if you have any travel inquiry can ask for the staff at there because they are friendly. One of the staff introduced us few places in Singapore.

In Chinatown, you can go to Chinatown Heritage Center. It is the gateway for you to trace the footsteps of Singapore’s early pioneers and discover personal stories of people who made Chinatown their home.

In Chinatown it has MRT Station link to it so can direct to the station with escalator.

Chinatown indeed is a great place to explore. Next time have chance to Singapore, sure I will revisit it.

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