Monday, 13 June 2016

2016-05 Favorite Postcards Received

My Postcrossing ranking for May 2016 as below:-
On 71st  most postcards sent from Malaysia
On 75th longest distance sent from Malaysia

This was my first time to send a “kiss”. The receiver request for a lip mark on postcard and it is not compulsory. I tried “kiss” on postcard and I found out that it is not easy because for first time the lip mark was unclear then I changed to another lipstick and the results as below:-

I did not expect that I will get this postcard from Mel so when I received it, I was very surprised and happy because when I saw her post about this girl’s postcards, I likes it but I did not ask she to send for me. This photography postcard is from Japanese Photographer, Kotori Kawashima. This postcard featured Mirai Chan who is a very cute Japanese little girl.

This postcard is very beautiful that remind me of my Monkey card DIY which also using Chinese ink. If I could draw as well as this postcard, it would be great.

This postcard shows the picture of a girl who just finished bath at Ganges River. For Indian, everything do in this river will become holy, it is so special. If have chance, I wish to go there to take a look.

This postcard is a pop up postcard which you can make the house become 3D. In return I sent my Taiwan friend a pop up postcard of Malaysia (Loka Made).

My friend sent to me this postcard during her trip to Singapore. The illustration of postcard is very beautiful. Through the postcard I knew that the illustrator of this postcard is Lee Kow Fong aka Ah Guo who is an unrealistic dreamer, a picture book author as well as a columnist who also happens to be a full time polytechnic lecturer.

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