Friday, 17 June 2016

MelakaTrip 2016: Jonker Street

22nd April 2016 (Friday)

Jonker Street is a Chinatown street in Melaka. At night (weekend), the street change to night market and it has lots of food and souvenirs selling.

My friend and I had hunting for our dinner at Jonker Street. It has many food stalls such as noodles, rice, desserts and many more.

The egg cake is fresh from baking and it is fluffy and delicious.

It was my first time to eat Nyonya rice dumpling. The blue color of rice dumpling is extracted from blue pea flowers (bunga telang).

In Jonker Street can saw the statue of Datuk Wira Dr. Gan Boon Leong. It is near with public toilet. I was curious that how he was so famous in Melaka so I searched online. Based on online information that can find 4 huge statues of Datuk Wira Dr. Gan Boon Leong but I just managed to find one. Perhaps next time can try to search for another three statues. Hehe..

Datuk Wira Dr. Gan Boon Leong is born in 1937 and he is Malaysia’s the most successful bodybuilder- having won countless bodybuilding prizes including Mr. Asia and even Mr. Universe. He had known as “Father of Bodybuilding in Malaysia”. To honor everything the prominent athlete did for Melaka, the city erected several golden statues of him which are now just as much photographed as Melaka’s more traditional tourist sights- Globetrotter Girls

San Shu Gong is a local delicacy shop in Jonker Street. Inside of it, you can find cendol, egg cake, herbal drinks and many more. Inside of San Shu Gong has Lao Qian Ice Café and I had ordered durian cendol which very suitable to eat during hot day.

I ate durian cendol with my friend at first floor because at ground floor is limited seat and full of people. At first floor have many doll decorations which you can visit of. 

In the morning, we were having our breakfast at Kedai Kopi Chung Wah for its chicken rice ball. We can say that lucky because the queue was not so long. The business hour as below:-

When go in, you need stand aside to wait for staff to clean the table before sit down so that they knew that you are new come in. We did not order for the chicken rice ball and the boss will automatically give to you by headcount.

It only has 2 packages of chicken rice ball which is half chicken and whole chicken. Two of us ate half chicken with some giblets and 5 chicken rice balls. For one person also eat half chicken. Total for our breakfast was RM 31.70 which included drinks.    

Along Jonker Street has Mamee Jonker House. We did not visit the Mamee museum but just look around at the souvenir part.

The one I like about Melaka is it has a board to show the map and direction to Melaka history building so you won’t get lost at here. It is so useful for tourist like me.

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