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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Hotel Hong Melaka

22nd April 2016 (Friday)

In Melaka has many hotel and hostel around. The reason I chose for Hotel Hong because of free transport service offer from Melaka Sentral to hotel. During pick up to Melaka Sentral, a Korean family who same van with us had asked sister May the meaning of the hotel name. Sister May answered that “Hong” in Chinese means luck.  

Hotel Hong is in Melacca, just a short 2 minute walk from Melaka River View and Jonker Street. Its air-conditioned rooms come with free WiFi, a flat screen TV and DVD player. There is a convenience store just 1 minute walk away-

In hotel, the receptionist counter and some large rooms at ground floor while first floor has rooms, reading corner, living room and so on and the last floor is balcony which also has living room.  At receptionist counter has a file introduce places and food in Melaka. You can try taking a look.

We stayed in double room and the room rate for 2 days 1 night was RM 88 which did not included RM 2 of heritage charge. As Melaka is in the list of UNESCO so all the rooms in hotel are need to pay for heritage charge. The charge is use to maintain the UNESCO building.

In hotel has luxury quadruple room which can occupy maximum of 4 adults and 2 children. I had tried asked the staff (sister May) whether can occupy 5 adults and she said can because the room is big.  

The room is not too big but enough for two of us. Beside air-conditioner, this room also has ceiling fan. Inside room only has one switch plug so my friend and I take turn to charge our hand phone. This room did not have cupboard but you can hang your clothes on the table.

The door of washroom has beautiful pictures. The washroom is clean and it provides simple toiletries.

When go up to first floor need to put your shoes into shoe rack. When in first floor, you will see small counter. At there can find the password for WiFi.

Near with counter have snacks corner which you can eat of.  Using hand to take the snack will dirty up your hand so you can find basin to wash your hand.

The one that I like in this hotel is providing unlimited free water. I always refill the water into bottle.

At the last floor which is balcony. It has sofa, table and television.

A group of friend want to eat or gather together can come to balcony because it provides long table and chairs.

Sister May had told me that can call her phone number for booking. It is because some people did not know how to use, agoda and so on to book the room so can ask for her help and direct bank in to hotel. 

For those who wish to have pick up from Melaka Sentral, after buy the ticket to Melaka can call to hotel. Then hotel will arrange for you.  Pick up service to Melaka Sentral, it starts from 8:00 am onwards. If want pick up to Melaka Sentral, please buy bus tickets with departure time after 8:30 am.

The reason Hotel Hong will having pick up service because they find out that sometime help hotel guest to book for taxi but the taxi was late that made the guests late. It arise some problems so they decide provide pick up service for free.

In next time, I hope can take my family to Melaka and Hotel Hong will be my choice again because of the good services from them and location strategic.  

2nd June 2017-4th June 2017

My first stay in Hotel Hong during year 2016 was at upstairs and in this year, I stay at downstairs. Booking hotel during school holiday is quite expensive. Hotel Hong did provide FREE transport to take us from and to Melaka Sentral with its van.

At the reception, you can get free Melaka Tourist Guide for your reference to go around. For historical building, the map is a great reference but for food need to aware as the map did not update that “Big Ice Bowl” in Jonker Street had been closed.

We booked family room and hotel did help us to combine 2 beds into one as five of us sleep together. You need to request hair dryer at front office. The bathroom is clean with provides toiletry such as shampoo and soap. 

Hotel Hong
No. 7B, Jalan Masjid,
Kampung Hulu,
Tel: 6 06-286 3322

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