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Melaka, Muar, Singapore & Johor Bahru Trip 2016: Itinerary + Transportation

Flight Kota Kinabalu to Johor Bahru: 10:10 am -12:25pm
Flight Johor Bahru to Kota Kinabalu: 7:25am – 9:45 am

In early year of 2016, I purchased flight ticket to Johor Bahru with the price of RM 214.46. This trip, I traveled with my best friend. We planned to explore Melaka, Muar, Singapore and Johor Bahru (JB). These four places are my first visit.

This trip included Singapore therefore I had exchanged money before the trip. I had surveyed at Swagat Enterprise Sdn Bhd which offered 2.96. At the next day (Sunday afternoon), Arcade Money Changers Sdn Bhd had closed while only Ranjit Store Sdn Bhd and it offered 2.95 therefore I went there for exchange Singapore dollar. I had exchanged 102 Singapore dollars and at end of one day trip, I still leave some money.

During exchange money, I found out that the boss was so friendly. He told me that I was lucky to exchange money in this period because early two weeks, the rate was worst, around 3.00. Besides that, he also told me that the Malaysia currency up was not because the Malaysia economic become better but is because of dropping of USD currency.

21st April 2016 (Thursday)

Labuan International Ferry Terminal >> Jesselton Point >>  Suria Sabah >> Upperstar, Segama (Dinner)

I took afternoon ferry express to Kota Kinabalu. While waiting for ferry, suddenly a woman shouted beside me, she was having quarrel with her husband but I did not knew the reason behind it. After 3 hours, I had arrived Jesselton Point. As I need wait for my friend to fetch me (after she finish working) so I went around.

On the way to Suria Sabah, I found out that Kota Kinabalu did changed a lot. Haha..I spotted it has a public bus routes board. It looks like very convenience for tourist to travel around. Maybe next time can try travel around Kota Kinabalu with public bus.

I also spotted mural at Wisma Sabah. In front of Suria Sabah has “LOVE” sculpture. Talking about Suria Sabah, I just knew that use of washroom need pay RM 0.30 because before this is free. Haha.. Look like it quite some time I did not go there for shopping. Initially I planned just read in Popular Book Store but end up buy a Taiwan magazine.

22nd April 2016 (Friday)

Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) >> Senai International Airport (Johor Bahru) >> Kipmart Bus Station >> Larkin Bus Terminal >> Melaka Sentral >> Hotel Hong >> Melaka River >> Jonker Street >> Hotel Hong

Around 12:30 pm., we reached Senai airport. We spotted has bus counter so we went there and being told by the staff that this only for bus to JB Sentral while bus to Larkin Bus Terminal need wait at outside there.

Bus counter to JB Sentral
When at outside airport, we asked the security guard for the place to wait for bus. Security guard told us that the Causeway Link bus no. 333 to Larkin Bus Terminal just leaves on 12:30 pm. and today was Friday (Islamic prayer) and need to wait quite long time for bus. He suggested us take bus to Senai bus station and then change another bus to Larkin Bus Terminal.

After a while a public bus was stopped at airport and security guard asked us to go in. The bus driver is Indian so we managed caught the bus during Friday prayer time. The bus fare from airport to Senai bus station is RM 1.50. After some minutes, the bus stopped at a bus station and some of people went down but both of us still stayed in bus because we quietly followed a man who also wanted go Senai. 

After this station, the bus continued move on. Suddenly the man who we plan followed asked the bus driver to stop at somewhere after the Senai bus station. That time we just knew that we missed Senai bus station. Haiz..why the bus station did not has name board so we will know it. We tried asked bus driver that how can we go to Larkin Bus Terminal after missed Senai bus station.

My friend and I found out that we quite hard to understand what the bus driver want to tell of because of his slang but we managed to guess some. Bus driver decided dropped us at Kipmart bus station and we needed to add on RM 1 for bus fare. In Kipmart bus station we had asked for people at there about the name of station because we did not understand how to spell of this bus station. The people at there is so friendly because know we want go to Larkin Bus Terminal so when the bus no. 666 came she asked us to go in. Actually we also wait for bus no. 666 because being told by the bus driver.

From Kipmart bus station to Larkin Bus Terminal need RM 2 of bus fare. The previous bus driver told us that it only takes 15 minutes to arrive Larkin Bus Terminal from Kipmart bus station and the actual was more than 15 minutes, I think around 30 minutes.

When in Larkin Bus Terminal, we spotted some bus counters which have bus service to Melaka and last us choose for bus departure on 2 pm. (want early arrive Melaka) and the bus fare is RM 21. It has another option which departure on 2:30 pm. and the bus fare is cheaper RM 18.

The journey from Johor to Melaka takes around 3 hours but due to traffic jam, we took more than 3 hours to reach Melaka Sentral. The bus did stop a while at Petrol station so that passengers can look for washroom. 

In Melaka Sentral as Hotel Hong had offered free transport service so we did not take Panorama bus. For the information which I found is Panorama bus #17 will stop at Dutch Square so from there need cross a bridge to reach Jonker Street. From Melaka Sentral also can go to Melaka Zoo (Panorama bus #19)

23rd April 2016 (Saturday)

Hotel Hong >> Dutch Square, Stadhuys, A Famosa >> Kedai Kopi Chung Wah >> Hotel Hong >> Melaka Sentral >> Muar Bus Station >> Avenue 4th >> Muar Express Bus Terminal (Terminal Bentayan Muar) >> Larkin Bus Terminal >> Johor Bahru City Square >> Citrus Hotel Johor Bahru by Compass Hospitality

After we spent some time in sight-seeing in Melaka. It’s time for us move to Muar. After checked out from Hotel Hong (12:00 pm.), sister May had taken us to Melaka Sentral. In the van beside two of us has another family which from Korea and wish to go Kuala Lumpur from Melaka Sentral.

In Melaka Sentral, we had wait Panorama bus to Muar. Panorama bus is local bus which moves around Melaka and as Muar is very near with Melaka so it also inside bus route. The bus fare from Melaka Sentral to Muar is RM 5.00 which is not a direct bus because it will stop at some places such as Merlimau. For those who prefer direct to Muar can use bus express. 

It has 2 bus stations beside of Muar Bridge (left and right) which are Muar bus station and Muar Express Bus Terminal. For Panorama bus will stop at Muar bus station. We looked for food at Avenue 4th . After around 2 hours in Muar, we took bus at Muar Express Bus Terminal to Johor. The bus fare is RM 16.70. We were lucky because the bus will move soon. If not we need to wait for another bus.

The bus was departure on 3:30 pm. and reached Larkin Bus Terminal on 6:30 p.m.  At Larkin Bus Terminal, we looked for bus to JB Sentral. The bus to JB Sentral is free as long as you has identity card. When at JB City Square, some of people go down from bus so both of us also went down because we knew that our hotel is very near with City Square.

24th April 2016 (Sunday)

Citrus Hotel Johor Bahru by Compass Hospitality >> Johor Bahru Sentral (JB Sentral)  >>  Sultan Iskandar Building (JB CIQ*) >> JB Sentral Bus Terminal >> Woodlands CIQ* >> Bus Terminal >> Kranji MRT Station >> Garden by the Bay (Bayfront MRT Station) >> Chinatown (Chinatown MRT Station) >> Merlion (Raffles Place MRT Station) >> Singapore Philatelic Museum (City Hall MRT Station) >> Marina Sqaure (City Hall MRT Station) >> Kranji MRT Station >> Bus Terminal >> Woodlands CIQ* >> JB Sentral Bus Terminal >> JB CIQ* >>  JB Sentral >> Johor Bahru City Square (Old Town Café) >>  Citrus Hotel Johor Bahru by Compass Hospitality

*CIQ= Customs, Immigration and Quarantine

Citrus Hotel is very near with JB Sentral so we walked to there and followed the board (to woodland) to JB CIQ. At there in order to pass JB CIQ, we needed to scan our Malaysia passport and thumb print. After that, we went to take bus to Woodland CIQ. The CW 1 bus fare is RM 1.30.

At Woodland CIQ, we needed to fill out the immigration form and queue up (long queue) to clear immigration. When clearing the immigration, an immigration officer had asked me to fill in the address and vehicle no on the form. Therefore I just wrote Chinatown (address) and bus plate number (vehicle number). I thought that one day trip did not need to fill in those details.

Took an escalator down and can see the bus terminal. The CW1 bus terminal is at the back of escalator. From Woodland CIQ to Kranji Station just use for the same bus ticket so remember that doesn’t throw the ticket away. After few minutes, we reached Kranji Station.

In Kranji Station, I bought EZ-Link card. The card cost SGD 5 and stored value SGD 7 so total I paid SGD 12. I just knew that beside can use for public transport, it also can use for shopping, food & beverage, government services and many more.  For those who would like to refund for EZ-Link card, can click here for more information. It need to top up when you tap the card, it will ask you to top up. As my card still has SGD 2.55, it asked me to top up and I had top up at the machine and the minimum top up is SGD 10. The lifespan for EX-Link card is 5 years.

From Kranji MRT Station to Bayfront MRT Station was taken 40 minutes. It was my first time to stand in MRT for such a long time.  You can find the train system map for MRT and LRT at here.

One day trip is did not enough for us to explore Singapore. Therefore I listed down some places that we planned to go but end up skip the places due to lack of time.       

Kampung Glam (Bugis MRT Station)- street art include around ARC Café Bar
Padi Bussorah (Bugis MRT Station)- Nasi Ambeng
Bugis Street Market
Little India
Ion Orcahrd- Ion Sky

For my future reference:

Universal Studios/ Sun Yat Sen Memorial/ Indian Heritage Center/ Malay Heritage Center/ Helix Bridge/ Lau Pa Sat Festival Market/ MICA Building/ Peranakan Museum/ Raffles Landing Site/ The Battle Box/ The Jewel Box

In Marina Square, I had gone to Sophisca (#02-32). Sophisca is a Taiwan candy shop. Inside of it have many different types of candy and chocolate. The packaging is so interesting such as sanitary napkin- SGD 4.90 (cotton candy), fruits box- SGD 8.90 (gummy candy), sushi set, chalk set (hard candy) and many more. I got 10% discount by quote a name of blogger. When paid for money, a sale girl suddenly asked me that whether I am a blogger or not and I deny it. Hehe..

At Kranji Station, we had saw Bus 170 so we went in and being told by bus driver that can use EZ-Link card because it is cheaper than using cash. When went into the bus, we tap on the reader. When the bus reached Woodland CIQ, some people tap the card; some people did not tap the card. Therefore we did not tap the card.

In Woodland CIQ, I met with a lady officer and she asked me to take down my glasses. I was not sure whether the officer is too free or too strict. Hehe..After that we took Bus 170, this time the bus driver saw us quite blur and told us that when go in and out from bus need to tap the card. Then we knew that for previous bus, we did not tap the card. When reached, I tried to tap the card on the reader but the reader asked to tap at previous destination therefore we just went down from the bus. It has a bridge between JB Sentral with JB City Square (3rd floor) so we having dinner at JB City Square.

25th April 2016 (Monday)

Citrus Hotel Johor Bahru by Compass Hospitality >> Kam Long Restaurant >> Jalan Tan Hiok Nee >> JB Sentral Terminal Bus >> KSL Mall >> Komtar JBCC >> Jalan Tan Hiok Nee >> Citrus Hotel Johor Bahru by Compass Hospitality

We planned having breakfast at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, on the way to there, we spotted Kam Long Restaurant (Jalan Wong Ah Fook) so we decided breakfast at there. After that just walked straight until the end and can saw OCBC Tower and Jalan Tan Hiok Nee somewhere at there.

After spend some time in Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, we decided walked to JB Sentral Terminal Bus and look for the bus to KSL City. Before enter into JB CIQ, it has an escalator down to terminal bus. From terminal bus to KLS City cost RM 1.50. As the time we find for bus to KLS City, the bus almost leave but managed went in so both of us stand near with the bus door. It remind me of my University life because stand near with bus entrance. This is advantage of stand near with bus door because can ask the bus driver whether my destination reach or not.

In KSL City, we had lunched with my Secondary school friend with her husband in Tea Garden (Johor brand café). It was quite some time we did not met and talked with each other. Last year she did invite me to her wedding. I quite surprised when she gave me a piece of cake (the next day is my birthday) because I did not expect she will remember it. After lunch, my friend fetched us to Komtar JBCC.

26th April 2016 (Tuesday)

Citrus Hotel Johor Bahru by Compass Hospitality >> Senai International Aiport >> Kota Kinabalu International Airport >> Kota Kinabalu Bus Terminal >> Menumbok Ferry Terminal >> Labuan International Ferry Terminal

Early in the morning need go to airport. We tried to use Uber (an app to ask for taxi) but it show not available. Maybe it is too early and the driver is not ready. Haha.. Therefore we used the taxi near with hotel, it is using taxi meter.

When at airport, we paid RM 60 to taxi driver which included some airport charges and so on. This was my first time so early take the flight. In flight, I kept sleeping because so tired.

Around 9:30 am, we reached Kota Kinabalu and then my friend fetched me to bus terminal. I managed to catch bus to Menumbok. The bus leaves on 10:45 am. It cost me RM 18. Then I took speed boat. It cost me RM 7.50  

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