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Thursday, 15 May 2014

#4 April 2014

I had received a cracked heel cream from blog giveaway. I gave it to my mum to use it but as it is sample so after applied for more than 2 times, the cracked heel cream was finished and the result cannot see clearly but my mum said that this cream did not so oily.

First time receive a personalized coin bag. It was so lovely and cute.

I had received a packet of White Curry Noodle with Nanyang Chili Paste. In Saturday, I had cooked it and share with my mum and sister. Three of us also like it especially the chili paste. Yummy!

Today, I had went to Financial Park for a blood donation which organized by Che Cheng Khor. It was long times that I did not go for blood donation so the nurse was difficult to find my blood vein. At last, luckily that the skill of nurse is good that my blood was come out from the small tube when he inject for first time. If not, I will suffer for needle. After blood donation, I was giving a small gift.

Today is my birthday and I had received a birthday message from my friend from SMS. Now a day, people seldom wish friend through SMS but more on other media such as Facebook, WeChat and so on.

Happy Birthday 2u.
Happy Birthday 2u.
Happy Birthday 2Kian Mei.
Happy Birthday 2u…
Hope you are happy and healthy every day, every hour, every minute…;)

My friend that just travels from China had given me a postcard as a souvenir. When receive it, I was so curious that whether she know I am postcard collector or not as in my mind that I did not told she before (unless she know from Facebook as I always upload picture of postcards) so I asked she and she told me that she feel that I will like this types of things so she bought for me. After listening, I was feeling amazing.

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