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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wesak Day with Mother Day Dinner 2014

Date: 10th May 2014
Venue: Labuan Buddhist Association


Around 7pm, my family went to Labuan Buddhist Association to attend the dinner. When arrived at there, there were lots of people and they started to eat. Then, we also went to search for food. Each food cost RM 10 that for charity fund. Now, take a look for what we eat?

1。I chose to eat spaghetti as it’s been long time that I did not eat it. After saw my parents’ food, I think that the spaghetti should be add some vegetable such as broccoli and some light snacks.

2。Many people bought rojak for a tried so my dad asked me go there to buy one for tried. I was been waiting for a few minutes as it’s really many people order at there. This rojak has many fruits and its taste spicy.

3。My parents bought rice to eat which I think is value, healthy and good portion as it has lots of side dish. Besides that, it has free an isotonic drinks but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Around 7.30pm, the show had been started by singing “San Bao Ge”. 

It followed by Chairman Speech. During his speech, he had said that today also has scholarship giving to those who has a good results in school. He said that some of parents did not register for it because they want to save up money of association as Labuan Buddhist Association is a non-profit association but Chairman encourage them to register as it is an opportunity to praise their children. Their children will be more study hard when they saw their name on newspaper because of their effort.

Two little cute girls singing on stage but I forgot what the name of song that they sing. At first, I planned to take a photo of schedule but did not why the picture is blurring. When I wanted to take for second times, it has people blocked for the schedule so at last I did not take a photo of it. I think it would be great if the schedule is paste on the pillar that near with the stage as at there did not has any people sit or stand.

This performance was done by 3 young men. The title of song is “浪花一朵朵” that they had been editing some part as at last has heard some lyric about mother. The man that at right side is holding a sand bottle and keep shake it when the performance.

Labuan Buddhist Association had gave bird nest to mother that above 60 years old as an appreciation. All the mothers were very happy when receive this gift.

Again, I did not know the name of the song that sing by this girl. If not mistake, it some like about mother.

I had recorded theater with title of “佛佗传” (Biography of Buddha) by using my camera. It was my first time to watch theater. All the actors are great in performed the life of Buddha.  As I did not watch theater before so I was very curious that the story telling begin first then followed by action so during storytelling, I record the back stage than the stage. 

After theater, it’s time to give scholarship to those with good results as an encouragement.

A group of cute children sing “Thank You” song with hand signal. Every times has children performance, many parents will come in front of stage to take photo of their child.


Again the stage was crowded by parents that busy in take picture of their child so I just snap some picture at the back. When saw the parents took picture, I just wonder that they only take a close picture of their child, a group of picture that included their child or both.

As the stage is small so this coming performance is not performing on stage but below stage that need a big space. The performance is martial art or Wushu which you can watch it as below:-

After martial art, it has lion dance performance. This lion dance performance is done by children, cool!

The dinner was ended with a group singing but at that time, I answered the call so I did not snap any photos of it.

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