Friday, 9 May 2014

Promenade Service Apartment: Living Room + Kitchen

Living Room

The living room in apartment is spacious and sofa also comfortable. Outside of living room has balcony so you can enjoy the view from there.  

Living room
The TV only provide basic channel but you can purchase Astro by daily, weekly or monthly basis that provide more channel. As we just stay at there for few day so we did not rent the Astro services.

At there, did not provide completely free WiFi but only for the first 3 hour is free. You can buy WiFi Service and Internet Boardband Service by daily, weekly and monthly basis at Reception counter.

Astro service for rent
One of the wall pictures’ mirror had been broken and my dad had asked me to inform receptionist as worry that hotel will make additional charge to us for the broken wall picture’s mirror.

Mirror of wall picture was broken
As I want to iron my dress for my cousin’s wedding so I need an iron by request from Reception counter via phone. They will pass the iron and iron table to our room. The iron table has a little old so need to be careful when using it. 


Now, let take a look for the kitchen. If stay for here for many days can cook at here as all the facility that provide are complete and in good condition through my observation.

In kitchen, you also can make some coffee or tea as it provide tea bag and coffee bag. It also has kettle and rice cooker for use.

Besides that, inside kitchen drawer has provides spoon, fork, knife and others. Do you notice that it has 6 spoons and forks as this apartment can occupy with maximum 6 persons.  

Drink corner

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