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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Promenade Service Apartment: Room + Toilets


The apartment that we stay had 3 rooms and only master room has washroom. Besides that, it has a toilet that can be share with all rooms at the apartment.

I stay in here with my family
I had took picture of one room which stay by my family while I only managed to take a picture of big cupboard that inside master room while dry up my hair inside my aunt’s room by using her hair dryer.

my room's cupboard
2 standard rooms have 2 single beds at each room while master room has a king size bed. The only thing that I dislike in room is I cannot find rubbish bin in room so every time I want to throw rubbish need to go to living room.   

Inside cupboard
In my room, has a makeup table with mirror that I had forgotten to take a picture of it. Through the window of my room, I can saw Centre Point Shopping Complex. The times I see through window, I can saw so many people gathering around shopping complex as that day was Hari Raya that celebrated by Malay.

The big cupboard in masteroom


First, let take a look for the toilet that in master room first. The apartment’s toilet did not provide any bathing soap and shampoo so remember to bring your own.

Washroom in masteroom
Now, take a look for the other washroom. Both of the toilets are clean and big.  

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