Thursday, 22 May 2014

2014-04 Favorite Postcards Received

Almost every time I buy some 50 cents stamps, I will get a flower stamp. As I had one Taiwan postcard friends that she told me that she will send different stamps for me every time we exchange so I also plan send postcard to she with different stamp but my problem is I always get same flower stamp when I buy it. So far, I did not require the post office staff for other design of 50 cents stamp. Perhaps should ask for them next time.

At last, I had thought of buy different value of stamps to represent a 50 cents stamp which will be look nice. Then, I had listed down the amount of value stamp that I needed on a paper. Recently, I just know that I also can buy 15 cents stamp besides 30 cents, 20 cents and 10 cents stamps.

When I went to post office for a purchase and gave my list to a post office staff, she told me that nowadays, the value stamp that I require cannot send anything so I had explained to she that I will add with other value of stamp when I send out postcard. When take the picture of stamps for this post, I just noticed that the post office staff had missed gave me a 30 cents stamp as I require for 4. This also my fault as I did not check it properly.

This postcard come with an exchange with a girl who has a Facebook page of “A Couchsurferfrom Hong Kong”, the picture of this postcard show a place named Shara desert that she take a photo during her travel. The picture of desert is so beautiful. She is a girl who likes to share her travel experiences in her Facebook.

This postcard is so cute as it has 2 footstep holes. This postcard is show South Padre Island in Texas. This island is located at the tropical tip of Texas and features 34 miles of unspoiled beaches along the Gulf of Mexico.

This is my first keep clam series postcard with the word of “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

This is a rectangle postcard that sent from Czech Republic. The postcard has a nice picture of castle that from 15th Century.

This is a meaningful postcard as in 22nd March 2014, there has a Postcrossing Meeting in Dresden, Germany. At the back postcard is the signature of the postcrossers (person likes to send and receive postcard via Postcrossing) that go to that meeting.

This postcard sent from Korea by Diana. Diana is a girl who likes to travel that you can see through her blog. She had gone to Korea for 2nd times with her mum and sister as she became their tour guide. Hope that I also can go to Korea for a travel in future.

Sometimes I will receive a little surprise from Postcrossing exchange such like in this month that I had received a Dutch Tea Blend package besides postcard. Veronique is a girl who likes to drink tea so she gave me a tea to try.

This is a Taiwan shape postcard that shows a place of Changhua Lukang Half Sided. This place has many old building and I was attracted with the red building that showed in this postcard.

鹿港: 半边井,摸乳巷,捏面人

Above are the travel places and foods that I get from Momo Travel (Taiwan TV Show) recently. Hope in future can go there to travel.

When received this postcard, I have no idea what is "Vila Nova de Cerveira". After searching online, it means municipality in Portugal. For more information can click Wikipedia to read.

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