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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Control Eating in Chinese New Year

Now, at everywhere can heard song of Chinese New Year as Chinese New Year getting closer.

Last week, I had accompanied my mum to supermarket to buy some Chinese New Year snacks such as Mandarin Orange, peanuts, crackers and others. At night, my dad had opened prawn crackers to eat because he was gluttonous that can’t wait for Chinese New Year to eat it while I also enjoy eating together with my dad.

After my mum knew we secretly opened and ate the cracker, she keeps murmuring us that don’t eat too much as eating too much of crackers will trigger some unpleasant discomfort especially stomach. After hearing my mum’s advice, my dad and I started to control the snack that we are eating so that we can celebrate Chinese New Year without any discomfort.   

During Chinese New Year, it is better to store some Gaviscon sachets to prevent from any heartburn or indigestion discomfort. 

At last, share with you info graphic that done by Gaviscon about the “Hot-Cold” properties of the food you eat and your body according to Chinese medicine. 

*Click the photo for enlarge view*

Hot-Cold property of your food
How to determine your body type?


  1. Must control or there is no food left on cny =D

    1. Baoqiong,
      Yes, you're right. If not, no food to be serve for friends on CNY..Haha

    2. I know what happened now, my blog is been selected too!

    3. Glad to hear it, wait for your post ya..

  2. 要节约。

    1. 诗,

  3. ohh I really like this chart! I think i am more of a cold person!!
    My mom has actually talked to me about this.. she always tells me not to have "cold" food for breakfast and to always eat cold with how and I'm like?? okay mommy hehe!

    1. Mindy,
      Your mum is right so better control yourself do not always eat "cold" food. Mum is always right :)


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